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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!
Adam Boshie Bosher

Ok well this is my first artical ive wrote so im sorry if its not as good as anyone else

Who is the boogeyman:

The boogeyman is a former WWE Superstar who used to scare is opponent's by having a heart around his neck and eat worms. He also has a scary laugh. When he comes out the announcer says "from parts unknown ".

But anyanyway this is about my theory on where The Bogeyman (WWE Superstar) is actually from. I believe he is from Australia for many reasons.

Face paint:

Well to start off the face painting.

The red black and yellow are tradition aboriginal colours used in many forms of art such at the flag and dot paintings. It is also know for aborigonals to paint their bodies aswell sometimes. Aborigonals also hold sticks (bit random though)


When people first hear about Australians they straight away think bogans saying "g'day mate" and stuff like that. What if The Boogeyman is just scared of if he originally said he was fron Australia he would of had to be like another old wrestler Outback Jack.


Your thought on The Boogeyman being from Australia


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