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Here's a super cool news to share...

Thanks to Mr. Tag, Moviepilot now has Pokémon Tag!! We can now browse Pokémon related articles in one place and Pokémon posts will flood all over Moviepilot soon!!

Okay...maybe not the later since that's just my prediction. I am no psychic but if all you Pokémon lovers share your interesting posts on Moviepilot, I am sure that will happen!! So join us on Moviepilot, kay?!

Here's some pointers on what you can write!


1. Everything about your favorite Pokémon!

Pokémon post by Evan Lee!
Pokémon post by Evan Lee!

Is there something you wanted to say about your favorite Pokémon? Have interesting story or cool facts about a Pokémon you know?

You can even share your drawings or fan art here with us!

2. Pokémon Anime Movie and TV Episodes!

Do you know that there are 20 theatrical films, 4 television movies, 17 seasons, 850 episodes, 31 specials, 26 Pikachu shorts and still counting?!

Review or discuss about them and share with us your verdict!!

3. Your awesome collections!

Guess how many Pokédolls are there in my room?
Guess how many Pokédolls are there in my room?

Completed your Pokédex? Have awesome Trading Card sets? Have Pokémon game titles from each generation? Pokémon Books? Pokémon Movie Collection? Keychains? Plushies? Shiny Pokémon? Just share them all!

4. Last but not least, Pokémon Games!

Main Pokémon Series Game Titles over the years.
Main Pokémon Series Game Titles over the years.

In all six Pokémon Generations, there are over 24 main Pokémon series games and 40 Pokémon spin-offs titles across Nintendo video game consoles, and plenty of mini games on The Official Pokémon Website!

Which one is the best Pokémon game ever?

You can write everything you love about Pokémon on Moviepilot...

We welcome you to our family and will anticipate your interesting posts!!
So what are you waiting for?!


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