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Ok, so I finally got around watching this movie, and here's my opinion. I liked the acting, the effects, the great music ... But, OMG there are so many buts! I'll sum up the ones that borhered me the most.

First of all, the freaking dialogues, dear God did they sound like some grad student's rushed drama paper! They just drew me out of the movie, dumb metaphors and even dumber responses, cliche lines all over the map, and many scenes ruined by a vague comedy attempt . Also, the usage of vulgarity was totally blatant and unnecessary, I get the fact that every "hero" has his/her flaws, but why does he/she have to sound like a drunk college girl?

Moving on from one disaster to a part that I found iffy, but appealing - the story. Although some of it's aspects were somewhat predictable, still there were a few surprises. But to me, in general the whole thing seemed a bit rushed.

Another thing that didn't bother me much, was the resemblance of this movie to so many other sci fi masterpieces. I guess not having read the comics does have to do with getting the whole picture, but what can you do when you live in a God forsaken country with no comic books. Some things just didn't make any sense, a villain that needs the help from another, more powerful villain to destroy what looks like one city, but then he changes his mind and instead of going after him, he decides to make a quick stop at the city with no defence plan?!

They were on the phone, running around all panicky because of some lunatic with a van dyke, and once their options got depleted they said "screw it, we'll go with the criminals' plan"

My ranting aside, this is a good movie if you can ignore the horrible script and some slip ups (here and there) in a story that does absolutely nothing more than announce a few new heroes, that eventually will do something more in near future.

And one more thing, there was one moment in this movie that looked absolutely absurd, like the writers ran out of ideas and just decided to go with the first thing that came to mind - Starlords' dance just before a whole planet/city was about to be eradicated. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I gave it 5 stars because it didn't quite meet my expectancies content quality wise, but boy were there some awesome effects! And a movie that's got me saying WOOOW deserves more than a 4.


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