ByAbed Nadir, writer at

Since the first episode of this season of American Horror Story , poeple started questioning how exaptable the show is , showing poeple with different deformities as "freaks" , making them scary and fearfull ,but was it a positive thing for the serie or will it backfire eventually .

The creatores of AHS surely took a giant risk in the movie industry and they came up with a remarkable season that changed Horror for ever. focusing on the work of the makeup artists that for me did most of the job . and the perfect choice of soundtracks and the settings wich made AHS episodes interesting to watch . First , the choice of going back to the origins of thriller (clowns , freaks , serial killers ) second the setting of the story in the 50s wich illustrate an unknownera.finally with the rythm of building up the same ending to the episodes (ending with the freak show scenes ).

this review is general and it reflect my own opinion to the story and hoping it helped you decide weather to watch the series ,killing time .


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