ByKenny Behler, writer at
Kenny Behler

Ben Affleck is a horrible actor, he ruined daredevil and he was only in one good movie which is The Town. I'll still see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many people say that in every movie that Ben Affleck is in he ruins the movie and I agree with these people. Ray Stevenson would have been a GREAT BATMAN. Most of his films are awesome, he was in the second punisher movie. He was a great punisher and if he got the part as batman he would do a great job. He has the built for batman, just think of Ray Stevenson in The Dark Knight Returns Batman costume. Believe it or not he even played that fat guy in the first & second thor. Even though I do like batfleck's costume and the batmobile. I just think that ben will do a bad job as batman. I wonder what was the director thinking of picking Affleck as The Dark Knight.

What do you think of Ben Affleck being Batman ? Do you think Ray Stevenson would have done a great job as batman ?


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