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As recently reported, Marvel had plans to incorporate Spidey into the MCU. Details included that Marvel planed to involve Spidey in Captain America: Civil War. However that case was sunken due to Sony's inability to work things out with Marvel. However according to leaked emails and recent reports, Sony has made plans to meet up with Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, and others in Pinewood Studios this upcoming January. Which is also where re-shoots for "Age of Ultron" will take place. While carefully not pointing to certainty, this may be a green light for hopes that Sony will work something out with MCU. There is no certainty but what we do know, is that there are some re-shoots to occur for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron". These re-shoots are set for January and the cast will be re assembled for two weeks of the re-shooting at Pinewood Studios.

Another interesting thing to point out, again while carefully not coming to conclusions, that according to a post on Sony and Marvel have already come to terms to an agreement while attending to other smaller commodities. From what was read, the anonymous poster claims they were able to gather some details regarding a 40 minute sit down of Sony and Marvel from a long time friend. In which "They look to close the deal to incorporate Spider-Man in the MCU". To recount what was posted "Nothing much was really spoken at the meeting, this is because Marvel had apparently already come to terms to an agreement," according to the post on "Marvel is now at liberty to have Spidey in any and all of their films" Apparently these Spidey appearances are to begin with a cameo appearance in " Captain America: Civil War" and OR a post-credits scene in "Age of Ultron" The anonymous poster also mentions that Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) was among the names tossed around in the meeting for who would play our Web-Headed hero. Logan Lerman was also one of the contenders for Spider-Man/Peter Parker before Andrew Garfield was chosen for the Spidey role. Again without relying on certainty, some have pointed out possibilities that the anonymous poster could be a troller. Or perhaps this could be the real deal and this is just someone who actually knows something and wants to serve the Marvel fans. Again nothing in confirmed.

As for other news for "Age of Ultron" more re-shoots for the film are to happen in this upcoming January. News has been passed around that Bendedict Cumberbatch is to do a cameo appearance in "Age of Ultron" . Recently reported and CONFIRMED that Cumberbatch is to play Doctor Strange in the upcoming solo film set to release in 2016. What isnt certain is that wether Cumberbatch will appear as Stephen Strange or as Doctor Strange. Coincidentally, Cumberbatch was confirmed for the role just in time for the re-shooting for the new Avengers film. More news was given on the film by Idris Elba that Thor's Heimdall will return alongside Loki in "Age of Ultron".

As for my final and personal thoughts on all this shenanigans, I am truly happy that Sony has still made plans to sit with Marvel. Despite that "Civil War" has chosen to move ahead without Sony, from what the emails say, it seems more and more like something is bound to come up with Sony and Marvel. From the looks of it something is bound to come up well before "Age of Ultron" is released in theaters. Well just have to wait and see. As for the new Avengers film I have to say with all these new announcements, rumors and reports taking tolls it makes me become even MORE AND MORE excited to see the film. And I'm sure many Marvel lovers are excited as well. But Marvel MUST be careful not to get to clustered. Marvel must focus on their films as planned without implementing too much into one project. Spider-Man or NO Spider-Man, Marvel must keep it moving. But on the other hand, from the looks of all this, SOMETHING MAY HAPPEN. But in the end, Sony and Marvel should to work something out and give the fans what they WANT. Marvel needs to change their formula.


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