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I have already aforementioned my interest in seeing the Amalgam Universe being put into some form of a media format, whether it be big or small screen. Admittedly, this universe did not last very long (two years at last count), but it still requires a lot of effort to bring forth an alternate universe.Most especially, if it is a conglomeration of DC and Marvel together.

There have been those who absolutely LOVED it (such as myself), and those that have merely looked upon this universe as a sort of media gimmick. Gimmick or not, it did do one thing that some comic fans, geeks, and nerds alike, may not have considered: It is an all-new mythos, which means that the stories that come from this series are endless and creates a whole new canvas that has yet to be explored!

Let us look at this for a moment:

Admittedly, each character created at Amalgam was made based on which counterpart that each was closest to. For instance, we have Iron Lantern, who is the combination of Green Lantern and Iron Man:

Every time that a new character is created, it also creates a new storyline. It makes for new villians, new threats, and the interaction with each of the characters with the ones that are included in their own universe will be significantly different. Perhaps you have one that may not be as good as they had first been, having their own agendas. On the other hand, you may have a villian that may outright change all the way around and turn to the side of good (but not likely). Then, you might have some that just blantantly don't care and are in it for whatever reasons they choose (ie Lobo The Duck). While it may look like a simple mish-mash that has only aestetic value (layman's terms 'it looks cool'), the fact that these stories were still created shows the merits of how much that this universe has to offer.

Then, we also have the creation of a brand new hero that is not the merging of any hero, Access:

Axel Asher is a sort of 'gatekeeper' between the two universes when the Dc vs. Marvel series was going on when the two omniscient entities known as the 'Brothers' decided that it was time to prove whichuniverse was superior. It was Access' job when he accepted this great power to keep the universes from merging into one complete one. Of course, Marvel won this one (surprise, surprise), and the Brothers then decided to merge the universes into one in order to stop the destruction of both.

This story arc alone , to me, is mind-bending, and bringing it to life on film will bring a new and fresh perspective upon both universe. The main problem would be for Warner Bros. and Disney to come to some sort of agreement, and that would tend to stretch the already fragile peace.

But, what both sides have to understand is that both companies have had great success in their publications over the past few decades, and with Amalgam, it might just help create a larger fan base for both and help them to bolster it even more. For instance, let's look at a few of both sides' successes:

1) Fear Itself

We're talking this series was EPIC! A major battle against Thor's father that ended up being the means to his own end? Timeless!

2) The Onslaught Saga

The Onslaught Saga was the emans to an end to the Marvel Universe, and allowed the company to make a clean slat and start over. Just as epic as the first one I mentioned.

3 Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

An eighteenth-century Batman tracking down Jack The Ripper and becoming involved in the infamous case, only to find that it has direct connections to his family? AWESOME!

4) Blackest Night

DC greatest heroes fighting a group of Black Lanterns? Another success!

So as you can see, Amalgam has a great deal of possibilities that can be explored just like the ones above. So, what do you guys think? Give it a shot? Even if it's animated?


Would Amalgam make for some great movies or animated features?


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