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Full disclosure, "The Superhero Formally Known As Captain Marvel" SHAZAM is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. So when the issue, The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1 went on sale a couple of weeks ago, I was more than interested.

Simply put, the Multiversity is one of the coolest things DC has done in the past year. The folks over at IGN agree:

In their "Top 10 Coolest DC Things of 2014" roundup, The Multiversity gets some love:

A cover like that raises all the right questions.
A cover like that raises all the right questions.

The best part is, that The Multiversity isn't the sole bright spot for the company. With a fully announced movie slate and a plethora of properties on television with more on the way (like "iZombie"), things are looking boosterific for the house that Superman and Batman built.

And who could forget the amazing "Flash" series?

To see what other cool things made the cut, click HERE to check out the IGN article in full.


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