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Wow, what can I say. This audio was a definite wait to listen to, the story goes was Kate O'Mara was discussing her return as The Rani when unfortunately she passed away before she could record her dialogue. She gave her blessing for Big Finish to carry on the role without and boy they don't disappoint. When it was announced that the new Rani was to be freshly regenerated in the guise of Siobhan Redmond, I thought how great it was we were getting the character back but at the same time i felt sad as Kate never got a chance to reprise the role since BBV's The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind. The next head scratcher was wondering how she could be in the same time line as The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) given the fact she is a new incarnation. The answers came about when finally listening to the story. It does reveal s this was in her past, The Sixth Doctor was not supposed to turn up at this point the next day she noted The Seventh Doctor was supposed to show up given that it is pointed out from her time line, she regenerated some time after Time and The Rani. Given this is the conclusion of the What Happened to Peri? trilogy. It is a truly brilliant story, if you have not heard of the character before or why you should listen to this. I shall enlighten you a bit about her. Ushas or The Rani is another renegade Time Lady, she went to the Time Lord Academy with both The Doctor and The Master in her early days. As a scientist she would do anything for her experiments and even dabble into science and monstrous experiments. Now to date The Rani has had four prior appearances in the Doctor Who medium portrayed by Sibohan's predecessor. The Mark of The Rani, Time and The Rani, Dimensions in Time (for charity but the continuity for that is always questioned) and The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind (The last story to feature Kate as her version of The Rani). What a brilliant return story for the villainess. Siobhan has great chemistry with Colin and Nicola, the story itself is highly recommended. The Rani maybe in a new body but her old habits don't die hard, well done to the cast, the music production was on point and hats off to Justin Richards for writing a memorable story for the debut of her new incarnation. 10/10 story and not the last for this new version of The Rani, she returns next year in Planet of The Rani.

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