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The obvious answer is Yes, it could be better. But any movie has the potential to be great, there just needs to be passion in order to believe in it. [Jurassic World](movie:32752) could be all that we want it to be, and more. I for one, think that it will be on par with Jurassic Park. You don't think so? Well lets see what we come up with.

Here's the trailer for Jurassic World, lets see what we can find.

There was a lot of juicy things to come from the trailer, Chris Pratt, a huge Shark eating Water Dinosaur, the Raptors are back and look like they will be helping Pratt's character hunt down this new Dinosaur. The question on everyone's mind is, "which Dinosaurs were used to make this very lethal and intelligent, Hyrid Dinosaur?"

But before we get to that part, we must talk about the rest of the trailer. The hybrid may be the heart of it, but lets dive into the trailer as a whole. What caught your eye the most?

Lets start off with the first 30 seconds! In this short little 30 seconds, you see very little, but very little of something huge. So who are the kids? And who's the mother? An why is she sending her kids to a Dino park alone? Well maybe she works for the park, maybe she will be there, just not with them. Or, they could really make it like Jurassic Park and the kids are a relative of someone who works there, or the person in charge. We don't know, but soon we shall.

Then we see it, the boat. The boat that takes people to and from the island, which we saw as well. I hope there is more than 1 boat because when the Dinosaurs escape and the island is being evacuated, 1 boat wont hold everybody.

The next 30 seconds: Wow, this is where you get a good look at the park. The doors to Jurassic World are opening, everyone's excited. The amount of people to actually show up and see the dinosaurs is spectacular. You wouldn't expect so many, but then again, it is Dinosaurs and who wouldn't want to miss that. Then we get immersed into what we know and love, the Dino's themselves. The herds, the plant eaters, the adventure. I have no idea what these names are but they're awesome.

What's really surprising is the new technology, it looks like the Jeeps aren't being used, now its a glass ball that rolls around and it even looks like you can walk up to the some of the Dino's(the friendly ones I hope) and get a good close up. No wonder so many people are going.

30 More Seconds: Now it gets intense, we see more of the plot, and another interesting and new Dino to the Jurassic Park world. We've never seen a water Dino, least of all, one of this size. But when that one came shooting out of the water and took the shark, I knew there was going to be more scenes like it, I can bet that scene will be within 30 minutes.

But then we get the plot. They created a hybrid. Now what that hybrid will be, i'm not sure, but we do know it is dangerous and will kill anything that moves. But why create one, why expose a new threat to the public? If they really had learned more, then they should know that Dinosaurs are very unpredictable and will escape more times than we care to count.

30 seconds later: Oh Chris Pratt, you will be known as the voice of reason. He seems very concerned, and should be. We see that not only does she escape, she escaped a 40 ft wall with no grip. We then see some of the devastation that the Hybrid causes, killing some people by the looks of it. See I knew they would evacuate the island. If she is as intelligent as he says, you might want to leave.

The Last 30 Seconds: "She'll kill anything that moves." You dont see much, but it looks like the kids are in danger and that somebody is coming to rescue them, or not. And the final scene of the trailer, is where we see some true bad ass. Chris Pratt riding a Motorcycle with his gang of Raptors. If that doesn't get you excited, you need to go somewhere else, because that was awesome.

I hope you enjoyed my little trailer analysis thing. All in all, I do believe Jurassic World could be better than Jurassic Park. You have a good cast, what seems like a good story, the Dinosaurs look phenomenal, and Chris Pratt with his gang of Raptors.

I want to know what you think! Do you agree or disagree? Comment below, share your opinions for the world to see. Discuss.

Jurassic World opens in theaters June 12th, 2015


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