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Selfie's second to last episode was as its title expresses, a walk in the mud. But not because it was dirty, bad or awful, but because it leaves you feeling like you now more than ever, won't be able to clean up every part of the story that is slowly but strongly developing between the characters before the final episode.

I wrote about how I felt about the decision of cancelling Selfie, only after 6 - 7 episodes. It was the wrong choice. I mentioned in that post that for audiences to determine if the characters are growing and are worth investing our time with, we usually need more time.

Eliza starts the episode thanking the existence of inventions that make our life easier, Hollywood tape, Waze and ID callers. Those always come in handy when you are trying to avoid someone... like your sister!

That's right! Eliza's sister, Bethany, is in town, trying to catch up with her. However, she does not want to talk to her, since she was always the child in the shadow. Bethany was always number one, and she was always the perfect one. Now, armed with this information Henry understands a little more about Eliza's behaviour, and he calls her on her to have contact with her family. He orders her to get in touch with her sister.

Bethany is in town not only to get back in touch with Eliza, but because she has some news of her own to share ... she's pregnant! Eliza is going to be an aunt! Next day, Eliza deliver this news to Henry and while in his office she notices that he's Freddy in order to be ready to compete with him... but not for Eliza!

No. Freddy and Henry's rivalry originates from another specific event. The 10K Kinderkare Pharmaceutical's Run is kick out to allow Freddy's new idea, a Mud Run, to take its place.

Henry is as he describes it, "frenemies" with Freddy and because of that he can't let him win. Eliza gives Henry the same advice he gave her earlier. "Sometimes difficult people come into our lives for a reason".

Eliza and Henry share some time with their respective "challenges" and Eliza is still continuously antagonizing what her sister says. Even in the race, when Eliza bring "refreshments" (like: booze, chips, cookies, coffee... and you know, all kinds of things you don't want before a race), she takes it the wrong way when her sister says she brought bananas and water.

Henry and Freddy start the race and have a muddy dirty encounter before finishing. But, at the end they have come to an understanding about their relationship with Eliza. They both care for her, but is still up in the air who she cares for, the most.

Eliza has a final run in with her sister, where she finally expresses that she felt like the was the source of all the problems for her family, but her sister tells her that her parents divorce and the lack of attention she had, was not her fault, it was not Bethany's fault either, and they embrace and make peace in order to move on with their relationship, as mature people.

Next day, Eliza decides to call her mother, proudly Henry looks as she start forming grown up relations of her own.

And the race was won by Charmonique, in her own style. Eliza finally concludes the episode saying, that sometimes, people can surprise you. And sometimes television shows can surprise you.

"Selfie" was a delightful surprise that was cut short to fast. Next week it's the last episode and even when we get some resolution in the future of these characters, what hurts me the most is that we won't be able to see them grown anymore. Is sad, but true, we have to get ready to say goodbye.


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