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I just came to drink beer and type reviews, and I'm still drinking.

Just as a header and a warning. This in no way relates to anything published. There are no relavent facts to movies in production. This is my theory on the MCU's current state of being and what needs to happen in Civil War and Infinity War parts 1 and 2. Thank you in advance for reading, and I look forward to your comments.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the MCU is making all the right moves in order to move all of us off of our couches to see their movies. But it's exactly that reason that I've thought of the article to follow. In my humble fan boy opinion it feels like the writers over at Marvel are trying to switch their focus from profit to profound.

We've all watched MCU's Tony Stark change from selfish party boy to semi-responsible mechanical hero. The same goes for lost in time Steve Rodgers, to the Captain America a country can rally behind. But what we've yet to see ( because they haven't been released yet ) is something to really cause a global tension to bring the epitome of the Avenger's core belief into the forefront. Strife. Yeah sure, we've seen villains and a few flocks of alien idiots on super powered hover boards. But what we haven't seen is nationwide destruction. We haven't seen our favorite over hyped heroes really and sincerely fighting for their lives. Yet.

Now all of us have at least some idea of what the Marvel Civil War will bring, death, and lots of it. But Marvel doesn't really think we're prepared for it, they don't think we're ready. Well you want to know what I think of that? They're completely right. We're not ready to let go of our Steve Rodgers, we're not ready to watch Tony Stark truly fail. Because for as long as we've been fans of comics and superheroes, we've never seen a hero utterly and totally fall flat on his ( or her ) face and feel their heart quit beating.

But I think it's way past time that someone dies. Sure we saw Gamora (almost ) die in GoTG. We saw Coulsen have his spine exposed to the wall in the Avengers, and we've seen Cap'n get smacked through buildings by his super powered former best friend. Hell, even Fury faked his death in order to keep his "good" eye on things. But heroes don't die! And it's time to change that.

In my opinion, the MCU is preparing us like little children for the death of some heroes. And let me tell you this, I am foaming at the mouth for a heroes death on screen. Don't get me wrong, I love everything the MCU has done to exploit every last penny we've thrown at them for a movie. I love every second they've made me spent trying to catch an inside curve on a movie leak or description spoiler. Even DC ( bless their hearts ) are doing what they can to get their collective heads out of their butts and make sure their properties are scrutinized and screamed over on sites like this. But Marvel is the king of the screen.

But in order for the MCU to truly capitalize on their reigning crown of the big screen, someone has to die. A death in Civil War has to be something to out of the blue and so completely unexpected the movie goers and reviewers are left in total shock and wonder. Okay, I know you're thinking that everyone knows Cap dies in Civil War, and that's true. But I'm not talking about Cap. I'm talking about someone else. Someone who hasn't been seen, and someone who needs to be involved in the MCU. Someone with the power to change things, and only Thanos could bring them back.

The MCU needs to capitalize on this massive opportunity in order to make sure all of us keep going to see their movie without a shadow of a doubt. They need to make the focused change from profit to profound. The MCU needs something to hammer in the nail. We need death, and we need it now.


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