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I recently read a really interesting article by a friend of mine named Joshua Etchinson. The article, titled 'What Moviepilot has Done for Me' is about when Joshua joined Moviepilot, and what inspired him to do so. It got me thinking that I should share my MP story as well. So, without further ado, here's my story!

The year was:

The year was 2012!
The year was 2012!

I was 14 years old, doing what most nerdy 14 year olds did; Playing videogames and obsessing over anime, comic books and anything related to anime and comic books. But I'm totally over that stuff now.

Alright, alright. I'm more obsessed than ever!
Alright, alright. I'm more obsessed than ever!

I was on the old computer running the now-obsolete Internet Explorer with a no doubt just as obsolete windows version (hopefully not XP *shudders*). I was searching the old Facebook using an old wired mouse when I happened upon a link that one of my old friends shared. What I'm getting at here is that 2012 was old, because 2 years is a millennium to our rapidly moving society now.

Anyways, the link was to a website called "". I was impressed, needless to say, with all the movie news that it offered. I can't clearly remember what it looked like, but it was A LOT different than how it looks now. For one thing, it wasn't about comics, comic pop culture, videogames, movies and just about anything nerdy; only about movies. It would focus on movies, movie release dates and movie rumors. I know some people are pretty upset about the pop culture feel of MP right now, but trust me it makes Moviepilot so much better. It singles out MP from all those other movie news websites, and gives creators like me stuff to write about when there's no big movie news.

Nevertheless, I loved the website and would make it a habit to check it out every other day. Fast forward to 2013, the website design had changed at at first I was a bit skeptical; like anyone when their favorite website makes a ton of changes (looking at you Facebook.) I would still check it though, and even found it easier to do so with the new slick design. I began to check it every single day, reading tons of amazing articles—all the while thinking "I wish I could do something like this"! But I figured I'd never get the chance, there's just no way I could write like that. So I shrugged it off and continued to read.

Eh, what are ya gonna do?
Eh, what are ya gonna do?

Fast forward again, late 2014! It's August and I'm of course, checking Moviepilot. When all of a sudden, my eye catches something it never did before. A little button on the page. Now I can't remember exactly what the button or the page it brought me to when I clicked on it said, but I do know that the page had a sign up form on it. What was that form for? It was to join MP as a contributor (now called Creator)! I was so excited. How long had this button been here? Was is here all along? Was I receiving some special invitation to join for having viewed the site approximately "eleventy bajillion times"!

Turns out that anyone can join, but it was still nice to know that I had the option! I found out that a lot of those articles I loved to read were written by people just like me. The only difference was that they had shown countless times that they were great writers. Well I wanted to prove to myself, and to Moviepilot, that I have what it takes to make great articles just like the other contributors! So I got started on my first article. It was a day before Guardians of the Galaxy came out; but of course, thanks to the internet, the post-credits scene had been spoiled—and it was a weird one. Apparently, Howard the Duck made an appearance at the end. His shocking appearance was obviously met with mixed thoughts from everyone. I for one was excited that he would be showing up! So I had found the topic for my first MP article!

I called it 'Why A Howard the Duck Reboot Is A Good Thing! I didn't expect much people to read it, 10 to 15 people tops (I have very low expectations sometimes). To my surprise, the article had over one thousand views! I was surprised and excited! Needless to say that it inspired me to continue writing! Well, that and the amazing community here on MP; not to mention winning the John Wick contest, which I'm almost sure was the first contest I had ever won! I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment! I've been writing on the site ever since and will continue to write for years and years! Hopefully I'll reach the caliber as my many inspirations, including Evan Lee, Jim Galizia and Catrina Dennis! So keep reading my faithful fans (at least I hope to have fans) and I promise I won't disappoint!


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