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Check out my last Marvel Knights. There has been a lot of talk and hype about The Defenders on Netflix. With honorable mentions of Blade, Ghost Rider, White Tiger, and Tigra; Punisher and Moon Knight have been talked about the most. These two are also the ones with the most wanted Daredevil cameos. I'll talk about why both of these characters and why I feel they deserve their own show.

1. Punisher

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

Punisher should get his own show! I think a TV series airing with Daredevil and The Defenders is a better route than trying to cram in a Punisher movie in Phase 3. Why does this character deserve his own show? Let me tell you. He's a former spec ops soldier turned vigilante and he uses weapons to take on crime. He's more violent than your normal vigilante. 9/10 Daredevil articles you read, there will be a Punisher crossover mentioned. Punisher to Daredevil is like Spider-Man and Wolverine to the Avengers. Punisher could also be a different kind of show. He doesn't have normal life complications like Oliver Queen. He doesn't hide his identity either. It would be really nice to see that kind of approach added to The Defenders Netflix-Verse. Punisher is in better hands now and I don't think Marvel would try to make another movie with him. I am positive we'll see Punisher on Daredevil. Comment who you think should play him though!

2. Moon Knight

Marc Spector
Marc Spector

Moon Knight has no powers either. Most call Daredevil Marvel's Batman, but it's actually Moon Knight. He does have normal life complications, but they get in the way about as much as Batman's, so not much. He has an array of gadgets and is rich. He was also wanted as a Daredevil cameo. Moon Knight's costume symbolizes Konshu (Egyptian Moon God). Remember in Cap 2 when Sitwell said "There's trouble in Cairo"? That was most likely the mission that went south and also made Marc Spector want to become Moon Knight. His array of gadgets and involvements with the Avengers and other characters would be epic to see on TV. I am also positive that we'll see Moon Knight on Daredevil. I've seen Keanu Reeves for a fan casting of Moon Knight before, but comment actor.

Another reason?

Both have teamed up with Spider-Man. With the MCU able to use Spider-Man, this is another way to get Spidey in the universe before Civil War.


Are you fine with Daredevil cameos or do you want them in their own shows?


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