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So by now most everyone is aware that the mysterious girl we know as Skye on Agents of Shield is one Daisy "Quake" Johnson; Daughter of Mr. Hyde, Shield Agent and member of Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors. While the show kept her patrilineal roots intact, they also appear to have made her an Inhuman hybrid. Along with Raina Flowers.

Regarding the decision to make Quake an inhuman, Producer Jed Whedon said, "We’ve created a different origin for her... We merged those two ideas together also because there are such rabid fans out there that if we stick to original story points from the comics, they will smell story points from miles away. Those two factors led us to coming up with a different notion of how she got her powers." And while we have a good idea of what to expect powers-wise from Daisy Johnson, we have very little to go on with Raina except this brief glimpse of her transformation:

Given the revision of Quake’s origin story, it's clear Marvel isn't limiting their thinking to strictly Inhuman characters. This leaves the door wide open for the kind of rampant speculation everyone seems to love so much here at Moviepilot. So here goes my unfettered fanboy speculations for who Raina Flowers may become:

1. Barbara McDevitt aka Quickfire:

“A former corporate spy who discovered the ability to slow down time around her targets, but only for one person at a time. After being revealed as an Inhuman, she was hired by the Cortex Corporation to infiltrate the ruins of Attilan” she appears in Mighty Avengers (vol. 2) #5. I like this pick because you don’t have much to alter here. Replace Cortex Corporation with Centipede and then Hydra, Raina certainly could be considered a corporate spy type, and was critical in Hydra finding the ruins, which may or may not be Attilan.

2. Karla Sofen aka Moonstone:

A sociopathic psychologist who obtained powers through possession of a moonstone shard(s) from the Kree Tree of Life. This would be an interesting take on her character, as like Moonstone, we have seen Raina employ a deep understanding of human psychology which she utilizes to manipulate anyone that comes into her orbit. I expect this choice as less likely simply because Moonstone is one of the regular foes of Captain Marvel, so they may reserve that character for the film, but certainly would not be a stretch.

3. Greer Nelson aka Tigra:

While I personally put pretty long odds on this one, some people have excitedly pointed to the cat-like quality of Raina’s appearance in the quick glimpse we see of her transformation as evidence that she will become Tigra. Marvel may find this mechanism for the characters transformation into Tigra more expedient and easier to swallow by fans than being possessed by an ancient Cat spirit to protect a hidden race of Cat People. We’ve already seen Mockingbird introduced this Season, so why not throw in another West Coast Avenger? Plus those Tweety and Sylvester jokes between those two never get old.

4. Gorgon:

Inhuman Sister in Law to Blackbolt in the Ultimate line of comics, Gorgon has the ability to hypnotize others. This would be a sneaky choice, since in the mainstream Marvel Universe Gorgon was a male, but we’ve seen more than a few “Ultimate Universe” adaptations show up in the MCU. Additionally, the power set is perfect for her character.

5. Ophelia Sarkissian aka Viper aka Madame Hydra:

This option is my personal favorite. In the comics, Ophelia Sarkissian was orphaned in Eastern Europe when she was young, when her parents were killed during a revolution in her country. In her youth she was manipulated by Kraken, in the show, Raina was manipulated by the Clairvoyent. Plus she has that whole orphan thing going too. In the comics Viper worked her way up to leadership of Hydra. We’ve seen the Red Skull, and Baron Strucker is on his way, so why not Madame Hydra as a future foil for Agents of Shield? Hydra will need new leadership once Whitehall is brought down. And as an added bonus it would needle at Fox, who used Viper for The Wolverine, but don’t have the rights to anything Hydra. Marvel has proven they aren’t pulling punches with their feud with Fox, and this plays perfectly into that. Sadly, what we've seen of the transformation looks nothing like this.

So what do you think, will Marvel take this opportunity to introduce another classic character, or are we in store for something completely new with Raina Flowers?


Who will Raina be?


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