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Guardian's of the Galaxy is without a doubt one of the coolest movies of 2014! Maybe of all time! The unexpected popularity of the "Space-Avengers" team-up film has skyrocketed Marvel's sales and officially sealed them in as the best film company out there! It's pure action/comedy/adventure fun for all ages! But what if GotG had been a much different film. One that's significantly...darker. More specifically, the scene in which we get to meet the Collector once again.

In the original scene, The Collectors museum of collectible items gets demolished after his assistant grabs the power stone (one of the fabled Infinity Gems). Her grabbing the stone causes it to have an allergic reaction and sneeze, totaling the building. Ok not really, actually it just causes the stone to surge, destroying everything around it. Almost fooled you didn't I?

Well according to Polygon, that scene almost featured the most famous name in comic book history; Stan Lee! Not only that, but he was set to be killed off! James Gunn had already revealed long ago that Stan Lee's original cameo was as a prisoner in The Collector's museum. But in a recent interview, he expanded on that reveal; saying "We were going to murder Stan Lee."

How exactly were they planning to kill him off? Well apparently, he would have died during the explosion at The Collector's museum. Sure that sounds pretty bad—ok really bad; But at most it would have been an off-screen, implied death right? Wrong! According to James Gunn, you would have clearly seen the Marvel Mogul's gruesome end!

"Wouldn't it be great if Stan Lee's — these are the kind of ideas that I would come up with and Marvel would say I think that's super James Gunn —but Stan Lee's head is rolling into frame,"

Whoa! That's an incredibly dark scene to even think about! And it would have been in the middle of the film! The film would have kept going as if they didn't just kill Stan "The Man" Lee! Something tells me that Guardians of the Galaxy would have been received a lot more negatively in the eyes of fans had they used this scene!


Do you think they should have kept this scene?


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