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How do you solve the problem of transitions from video games to cinema?

I know the history of Hollywood botching Video Games is pretty consistent, I mean with Super Mario Bros. being the biggest let down among them.

The Mortal Kombat movies were decent, but also much of a let down. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Double Dragon, and any friggin' movie Uwe Boll has made have all been pretty much a let down and losing fans rather than gaining.

Marvel has done the impossible. Back in 2012, no one could have imagined The Avengers looking the way it did. And the movies that had been before it, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America all set up for the Avengers. This recipe, or formula, if you will, is the magic key. The key that will greatly enhance how Hollywood makes Video Game Movies.

The Avengers
The Avengers

How you ask?

By implementing the same idea... The Avengers succeeded because of the movies before it, it succeeded because the audience was already aware of the characters, the audience wasn't drawn into the complexity of HOW the Avengers were made, but rather, how they got together, the individual characters and back stories were already set up.

That's where the Video Game Industry and Hollywood could do right. Video games are literally long movies, they are the back stories, they are the individual characters' motivations. Stop with the origin stories, and start by integrating the video games themselves into the canon.

For instance, have, for argument's sake, LEGO Batman, and Hollywood says, "hey, let's make a LEGO Batman movie." Don't make a LEGO Batman movie that has an origin story in it, the audience, if they have played the game already know. Because the video game acts like a movie!!

So Hollywood, stop making origin stories, and instead use some creativity, acquire licensing from the individual Video Game Companies and piggyback off the story lines of the games, and create original stories. The characters are already set up through the video games, you just need to market the movie as being NOT only based on the video game, but a movie continuation of the video game.


Another way to look at it is saying after the seven hundreth Halo game comes out, instead of releasing another lackluster game, make a Hollywood movie to continue the story. You could even make a movie based on events not in the video game, events that were left out of the game.

What I am saying is, video game movies should be based on the video games, but not on already told stories or origin of characters already well established.

The best example of this done right is Wreck it Ralph. They created a new character, new games and built upon the already established video game characters. They didn't need to give us origin stories of Sonic's rings or Street Fighter or even any of the characters (besides the new ones). Everything was already established. They just added to the mythology of video games.

Wreck it Ralph
Wreck it Ralph

To conclude:

The stories are already set up. The characters are already developed. We don't need movies of the origins of characters. We need the action we are used to. We need the action we deserve. Don't hold our hand, we just want video game movies to not suck anymore. We want video game movie justice.


What do you think? Do you think this can help better Video Game Movies?


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