ByJerome Maida, writer at
Jerome Maida

Though there are obviously many reasons why Sony did an about-face on "The Interview" and will now show the film in about 200 theaters nationwide.

Despite a (what many considered to be a negligible) threat of theaters being attacked if Sony released the movie, it looks like it was a wildly unpopular decision for the big movie chains to cancel their showings and for Dony to cancel their nationwide premiere on Christmas.

The majority of Americans were against Sony's initial move,according to the poll, with 62% saying they thought Sony's decision was an "overreaction" to the hackers' threats of terrorism, while 36% thought it was the right decision.

Additionally, 61% considered the hack an act of terrorism, though 65% did not think that it was an act of war.

With a vast majority of Americans - a lot of them likely moviegoers - and even President Obama feeling they made the wrong decision, it becomes more understandable why Sony - at least to a small extent - changed course.


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