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Over the last year, we learned that Ben Affleck will don the famous cape and cowl in Warner Brother's newest movie in the DC Cinematic Universe (or DCCU for short ;) ) "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" alongside Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot as Superman and Wonder Woman, respectively.

Naturally, the internet freaked out over this casting decision, and NOT in the good way. Many people felt as if though this was a TERRIBLE choice, and that they "LITTERALLY" could not have chosen a worse actor to play the part. I could not have disagreed more. And here's why.

Ben Affleck has experience as a Superhero

In 2003, Affleck stared as Matt Murdock in Fox's production of "DareDevil". Now, while this movie was widely regarded as one of the WORST SUPERHERO FILMS OF ALL TIME, the movie did one thing right. That one thing, was the violence.

At least he did SOMETHING right...
At least he did SOMETHING right...

In the movie, DareDevil acted and fought a lot like how a classic Batman would: Beating criminals within an inch of their life, getting the information he wanted, punching them again, and then fleeing before the authorities showed up. IF Affleck decides to portray the Dark Knight in this manner, we will be in for a brutal, violent side of the Dark Knight that we have not seen on the big screen before. Many people have begged for a Batman such as this one, and doggone it, I think Ben Affleck is our delivery boy.

Ben Affleck is a legitimate fan of the character

Many times in Hollywood, actors who have no idea of the character they are paying, are brought on to portray some of the most classic, iconic characters.

Do I REALLY have to elaborate?
Do I REALLY have to elaborate?

The result of the actor not having a passion for the character they are portraying, is a half-assed acting job, that leads to a mediocre film. This is where Ben Affleck is different.

It's no secret that Ben Affleck is a Batman fan. He makes it very well known to just about anyone that asks. HOWEVER, Ben Affleck is not just a fan. He is a SUPER fan of Batman. In what way is he super? Nothing major, just that he spent $50,000 dollars MAKING A FREAKING BATCAVE IN HIS HOME!!!

In an interview about the controversial casting, director and known Bat-Fanatic, Kevin Smith, said

"I asked him, 'What did that cost to do?' He was like, '50 thousand bucks.' I was like, 'Worth every fucking penny, man'.
"If you're going to have Pearl Harbor,'Armageddon type money, build a fucking Batcave entrance in your house. So he's always loved the character."

Kevin Smith also went on to describe that the Batcave was behind a secret entrance, which was behind a Bookshelf that was accessed by a hidden button. However, instead of leading to a full on subterranean lair, filled with memorabilia, the entrance led to a "panic room" of sorts.

If Mr.Affleck cares enough about the character to spend half of 100,000 dollars on installing a well known part of the comic book mythos to his home, one can only imagine the dedication he has to playing this part seriously.

Ben Affleck LOOKS like Batman.

This may be the most superficial reason of all, but at the same time one of the most profound reasons that I could muster. First, let's take a look at the classic Batman from the comics.

The Classic Caped Crusader
The Classic Caped Crusader

THIS is what we see when we think of Batman. Big, muscular frame. Powerful stature. Strong, Chiseled chin and jawline. Not the kind of guy you'd want to meet in the dark, or in an alleyway. MUCH LESS in a Dark Alleyway. Now let's take a look at the recently released color version of Ben Affleck's costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wait a second....
Wait a second....

Hold on now, doesn't that look extremely similar? Almost as if it jumped right off of the page? I mean, that can't be Ben Affleck the actor! Somebody must have had to invent some sort of "Comic book to movie" ray and set it it "Batman", right? WRONG!

Believe it or not, the Batman you see before you is none other than Ben Affleck, the very choice that you decided to ridicule from the beginning! Let's get a close up of the cowl!

Seriously, it's like he lept right off the page!
Seriously, it's like he lept right off the page!

This doesn't look like Ben Affleck dressed like Batman. No, this is something beyond that. Ben Affleck has completely and totally embodied the spirit of the Batman we all know and love. The crime fighting, Caped Crusader that we know is going to bring the Man of Steel to his knees.

Now, combine all of these things with the fact that Ben Affleck is an Award Winning Actor and Director, and I think it will be plain to see, that Ben Affleck may just end up being the best portrayal of the character that we have ever seen!


Do you think that Ben Affleck will crush this roll?


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