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I like anime,superhero,sci-fi,drama. When it comes to movies i like watching all of them. I look for great stories in movies

The DC animated movie Justice League:Throne of Atlantis set to be released on 2015. The movie is based on DC's New 52 Justice League after the Flashpoint Paradox. The New 52 comics gave DC an opportunity to overhaul Aquaman's/Authur Curry's character to portray Aquaman as a serious superhero. This may have been in response to the numerous jokes the character attracted. Aquaman still has die-hard fans probably those who like stories of the mythical Atlantis.

Justice League:Throne of Atlantis will serve as a test for Aquaman and the upcoming Aquaman movie in 2018. Throne of Atlantis is not be thought as the only showcase of Aquaman as a serious hero. In the Justice League cartoon series episodes 3&4, Atlantis did pose a serious threat to the world and it was up to the Justice League and Aquaman to save it.

Throne of Atlantis will also give an Aquaman origin story. This is to familiarize audiences with the character ahead of the Aquaman feature film. Jason Momoa was also a great casting choice in my opinion and i am confident Aquaman does not disappoint in the Justice League movies. This writer wishes the Aquaman franchise all the best.


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