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Endure and Survive..
Kai Nova Jackson

I'm certain that most of our precious MCU fans are looking forward to the upcoming Captain America 3: Civil War film as much as I am. As you ve probably already heard, the film will set Captain America, Iron Man and other heroes in a polarizing position that sets off an epic conflict between our two heroes, Captain America and Iron Man. The film will follow the events after "[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)" . As for news towards who we will see in the film, Chadwick Boseman will be featured in the film as [Black Panther](movie:9047) and David Bruhl has been confirmed to play a villain as well according to Variety.

For those who are not quite familiar with the epic Marvel event synopsis, the conflict takes its toll after the massive, destructive explosion occurs after the battle between Nitro and the New Warriors. Resulting in a massive death of dozens of civilians and school children. Which led to the proposal of the "Superhuman Registration Act" by the U.S government. The new law suggested that all super human beings living among earth were living and breathing threats of massive destruction. And all heroes were required to expose and surrender themselves to federal standards. Massive negative opinions against our super heroes grew and resulted in a division of earth's heroes into two opposing alliances: The Pro-Registration and The Anti-Registration.

In the comics, Captain America is the leader of the Anti-Registration and Tony stark the leader of the Pro-Registration. Tony Stark sides with the government to push the Registration Act while Captain America refuses to join the alliance of heroes to register. Which leads to Iron Man and members from his enforcement vow to take down Captain America and other Anti-registration heroes.


If you were to side with Captain A, you are taking a BIG risk, ...and you re testing your fate quite a bit. But that also would mean you are against pursuing and hunting down heroes. It also means you'll be fighting alongside several members of X-MEN including Wolverine and Storm, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage Goliath, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685), Hercules and dozens more. However your alliance is slightly outnumbered. But you side with those that believe Super humans have earned a place on earth and wont tolerate the hunting of other super heroes. Your advantages also include fighting alongside the Secret Avengers.


WHYY? WHYY couldn't Stark and Captain A fight with alongside each other instead of AGAINST each other? Siding with Stark means you re siding with the government to pursue remaining heroes. Your possible advantages are that you re alliance has more bodies, you're fighting along side S.H.I.E.L.D, the Thunderbolts, which contains several savage villains, and more or less, most of the public is on your side.

My thoughts, Id probably would just remain neutral and sit and eat popcorn while I watch both sides beat each other's brains out. But if I was a Super Human and I had to make a decision..I would choose to fight with Captain A on this one. Despite our disadvantages, I would be honored to fight alongside Wolverine and Storm. Plus hunting down my own kind?..It wouldn't seem right to me either. I'd rather die with my spandex on knowing that I fought to defend our own kind. If it wasnt for the good-heart heroes to defend earth, the earth would probably be either Loki's, Apocalypse's or Galactus' playground. The heroes have risk their lives every day to defend the earth. And if the government were to put them away...well you still of dozens more super villain's that are looking to treat the earth like a soccer ball.




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