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Trekkies rejoice! The third film in the latest reboot of the Star Trek franchise has its release date! The film, being directed by Fast and Furious franchise director Justin Lin, will make its way to theaters on July 8th, 2016! What?! Why! That's two years from now! I absolutely hate it when movie studios tell us awesome things and then make us wait for so long! Somewhere out there, Justin Lin and the rest of the Star Trek crew are laughing maniacally, finding pleasure in our mixed emotions of excitement and pain!

Pictured: Paramount after the release date reveal!
Pictured: Paramount after the release date reveal!

Nevertheless, I can't wait until the new film comes out! I'm a little disappointed that J.J. Abrams won't be returning to direct this one, but Justin Lin is a pretty good choice. The Fast and Furious franchise is epic and action-packed! So I have the utmost confidence in Lin taking over the helm!

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