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After all the pandemonium that ensued after the plot of the movie was released from hacking scandals to terming it as an 'Act of War' Sony has finally showed who's the boss by giving the movie a go ahead by releasing it in select theater's on Christmas day.Although many theater refused to screen it for the fear of reprisals from hackers and other trouble makers,the decision to release the film came six day's after Sony said that it will be cancelling the film and it looks like this latest decision is being hailed by president Barack Obama himself who had earlier criticized the studio for not allowing it to screen.

The film which features the two interviewers visiting North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un himself had earlier infuriated North Korea government which termed the movie as an act of war and claimed releasing it would have dire consequences to the film maker's and America as a whole but Sony on the other hand ignoring the threats had started scrambling Tuesday to secure a video-on-demand partner that would simultaneously make the film available.

Although it is being released in select theaters only Sony has claimed that it is only the first step in making this film available and releasing it all over the world.The studio told film buyers that all participating theaters will be made known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Before the controversy, “The Interview” was on track to gross about $25 million in its opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada, according to early prerelease surveys—a healthy start for the modestly budgeted comedy.Independent theaters across the country from Los Angeles to Austin to Pittsburgh said they’d be playing the film. Over the past week, several smaller operators have urged Sony to screen the film in defiance of the hackers’ demand that it not release the movie.

Regardless of what is going to happen it is undoubtedly a victory for all those who believe in freedom of expression and is somewhat a victory for america as a whole as it showed again what it stand's for and that it will not bow down to any one.

Below is a detailed information on how the screen is shared among the theaters.

-courtesy The Wall Street Journal
-courtesy The Wall Street Journal


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