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The following is a list of movies that need to be made right. This means, the movies need to be based on the source material and based on what the fans are used to. No retelling of already establish stories or retelling of characters.

The list is in no particular order.

10. Metal Gear Solid

The legacy that is MGS needs a movie adaptation. However, considering how long the cut scenes are in the game, one could already say it is a movie. I would really like to see some of the people who created MGS like Hideo Kojima take the helm of this movie and have John Williams score the film. It would definitely need the humor and oddness in the movie. It shouldn't take itself too serious, but it needs to set a tone early.

9. Diablo

A movie about Diablo could be interesting. It could be successful if it doesn't dwell too much on the origin of diablo, and try to ground it to the real world. I find some of the best movies require suspension of disbelief. Come on, just take us to Tristram, through flashbacks and narration, explain the story and then continue the story of the game, events after Malthael. Come up with a clever idea to bring Diablo back along with Mephisto, Baal and Andariel. Take what players have done and turn it into a movie, and make it humorous.

I can imagine during downtime from killing minions, one character turning to another and asking if they want to trade.

8. Gears of War

There are a lot of gritty war movies out there already. Gear can be very good. It would need to set the grit early and fast, it could be grounded in real theories, like the hollow earth theory. The theory states that inside the earth there is substantial hollow space inside the earth or that the earth is in fact entirely hollow. The movie could follow a scientist who discovers the earth is hollow and very much populated. He could then join the Gears when the invasion starts. The movie has potential.

7. The Sims

Stranger things have happened. For instance, how about a movie based on a board game?
This one could be interesting and have potential as well. Of course it would need to lend some creative thought from other movies, the one I am thinking most about is 1998's Pleasantville starring Tobey Maguire. No, it wouldn't star him, it would just have the same tone. I don't think anyone will forget his performance in Spider-Man 3. The plot would be a guy or girl, or both, get transported into The Sim's world. The movie would need a comedic edge, and would need to be very creative and clever. For instance, as the new comers begin to change the people in the game, the effects are seen by others. Like a kid of toy story, someone from the outside begins to change things in the game, and it's up to the newcomers to save the Sims.

6. Pokemon

Everyone has thought it at some point, 'why make another animated movie when they can make a live action?!' This has so much win written all over it, for fans and the makers. A Live action movie would be amazing, it could even bring all the regions together. It would be a movie about a new trainer who has discovered a dark Team Rocket plan to destroy one of the regions along another evil group, and it would be up to the protagonist to gather the best trainers from around the Pokemon universe to fight back.

5. The Last of Us

In a previous post, I stated what movie adaptations for video games should do to be successful. I think the biggest key is for gamers not to see redundant material. For instance, origin stories, just get down with it and start the action. For the Last of Us, it has so much information that gamers would want to see, for instance, the events before Elie. The movie could follow a different protagonist through the wastelands of Clickers. And what would be even more awesome is if toward the end of the movie, the main protagonist runs into Elie and Joel. A nice nod to gamers.

4. Kingdom Hearts

Imagine if Disney did an Avengers style movie for Kingdom Hearts. That is basically what Kingdom Hearts was of how to do Avengers right. They should bring back all the Final Fantasy character and all the Old School Disney characters. Tell a new story, or perhaps, tell the story of an alternate Disney, an Alternate world. Begin with telling the original story through flashbacks or even a scene of what happened in the old game, then have a character transported to an alternate Kingdom Hearts, where the need to regain the trust of the characters and where the characters don't know them. A relive the magic of the joining of friends lost.

3. Duke Nukem

Come on... Duke Nukem Forever sucked don't revive dead franchises. Don't go there. BUT Wait! It could be done. It would need an R rating and push the limits. It would be the best thing ever! Keeping the R rating would give gamers and fans what they want, the over-the-top action and gratuitous nudity, language and violence that made us all love Duke in the beginning. Hail to the King Baby! They would need to of course cast this right, and not fail.

2. Dead Space

Of course it would have the vibe of the Alien movies. The creepiness, darkness and stillness of fear. Jump scares are a must, but tension is what will give the audience what it needs. Tell the story of separate events where Necromorphs were. Tell an original story based on the game, without retelling the same game story line.

1. Turok

Come on. Guns, dinosaurs, violence! But please, tread carefully with the mutants... This could be epic. Imagine the scene from Jurassic Park III with the amphibious transports landing on the island, soldiers coming out packing heat, ready for anything. When I was younger I was sooo waiting for an epic gun battle against the dinosaurs, I was so happy in The Lost World with the private military coming in with guns, but it was underwhelming, I would have like to see more gun play. This is awesome.

Recently some scientists hypothesized that there exists an alternate earth that is travelling back in time. Can you imagine, someone transported there with a military force and dinosaurs are there?!

The movie makers would need to do this one right...


Which video game would you want to see made right?


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