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Well it's new comic book day again and SMWW fans you are in for a treat. One read it. Two it was a vast improvement both in story and art. This go around th story felt more focused and the two extra weeks on the art really allow Mahnke's amazing skills to really shine. I think this new creative team has found their groove and I'm so glad. Peter and Doug left us in #13 with the power couple gearing up for an amazing ride during their run. Three we are getting a Wonder Woman centric story arch FINALLY! As Peter said it should be Wonder Woman/ Superman, cause that how they roll. Supes wouldn't care if his lady name first. :) They are equals and he knows she whips more butt than he does... Now from this point on spoilers... Protect your eyes if you do not wish to see! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Lol

Let's start that the very beginning because its a very good place to start. With the preview of SMWW#14 we see Circe talking about Queen Hippolyta and we all know how much she hates the Queen of the Amazons. She now seems keen on taking out her anger on Diana... Ending her part in the story with "her creation cutting down the rot out deep and slow" aka Diana and "time for me (Circe) to save the world."

After Circe's boasting we join Superman, Wonder Woman and Wonderstar at the nuclear plant cleaning up. Man I love this kid... He is so sassy, yet something is a bit off about him. As always a heroes job is never done and all three of them battle so goons robbing the fed reserve of NYC. Easily handle but Wonder Star needs an "assist" from Wonder Woman. Tied up in the Lasso of Truth Diana sees he seems good of heart just a bit lost.

After defeating the robbers SM and WW, the a three way super punch, follow Wonder Star back to where he landed.He has no memories or no past just a feeling of deep connection to SM and WW. Here we get a lovely SMWW moment... Is that jealousy I see there Mr Kent? Hehe I don't think he's use to men admiring Wonder Woman's beauty yet... Mahnke and that watch those eyes boy, The Amazon is off limits face.... Priceless. Back on topic... Wonder Star love how muc SM and WW love each other. "What is it like... being in love..." he asks... AWW my poor feels just can't take it this early in the morning.

So let get down to business to figure out who this Wonder Star kid is. He is complicated... really complicated. He wants to be good and help people . Even under the power of the Lasso of Truth he seems genuine in his desire to use his powers for the greater good like Superman and Wonder Woman do, but he has no memories of who he is or where he comes from. Funny thing about that is... he seems to get a splitting headache at the crash site. He loses control.... He cries for help from SM and WW... something else seem to possess him... Heat vision is unleashed in Diana's face... a purple mist appears... a gold rod lands in Superman's back... I AM MAGOG!

So what the hell does this mean? My thoughts just for shits and giggles...

Well let's see Circe hates Hippolyta, a lot. Diana is Hippolyta's daughter. Since Lyta isn't around at the moment Diana is the closest thing to her that Circe can hurt. What better way to take out Diana and in turn hurt Queen Hippolyta then by using someone very close to Diana... I didn't know purple rain turned to purple mist hehe.... Hey isn't Circe's magic a purple mist? Last time i checked... Magog didn't have heat vision... Just think of the amusement gained from Diana suffering by her own childs hand would be great. I mean imagine what Waller, Trevor, General Lane and Lex will do in reaction... Oh the chaos! YES PLEASE MR TOMASI BRING ON THE CHAOS! I'll leave you with this last thought. Remember in The Kingdom Prince Jonathan Kent II was kidnapped by Gog... This is going to be fun first arch.

What a tangled web you weave Mr Tomasi.... I LOVE IT! A feel a plot twist is in this power couples future! Keep an open mind when it comes to comics. It allows them to still be enjoyable for the sake of being enjoyable. As Reading Rainbow says I'll see ya next time and you don't have to take my word for it... Just read it and enjoy.


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