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About a year ago James Merendino started a fan funded campaign to make a sequel to his 1998 Sundance film SLC punk. The campaign was a complete success. He raised more than enough money to make his film. A few fans were a bit worried that the lead actor from the first film, Matthew Lillard, would not be appearing in the sequel. Jason Segel is also absent from the film, but his character had a small part in the first film, so no surprise there. Finally, about a day ago we get our first look at the second installment in the punk series. I've got to be honest with you, I'm excited as hell. This film looks like a terrific follow up. Check out the trailer below.

Personally, I am very excited for this film. It's definitely going to be different than the original. The sequel takes place, and was made 18 years after the first movie. Keep this in mind when comparing the two films. But who cares what I think, tell me what you think. Participate in our poll and/or leave a comment below, and make sure to check me out on social media.

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Are You Excited For SLC Punk 2?


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