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Hello readers to start off my name is Beau Forbes and i have been reading moviepilot articles for at least the last 2-3 years and i just recently in august decided to start writing articles and being a creator. Now i have written over 300 rap songs, 3 screenplays, countless short stories and tv pilot outlines so its not like i just up and decided to start writing. It has been a long time coming to this point.

Now a little about me...

I am a high school dropout from Washington State that has always loved two things more than anything and that is movies and music. I found my passion of writing because i wrote stories and lyrics and poems etc. etc. In my junior year of high school i was transferred between schools because of a move and the new high school would not accept my old credits for some strange reason so they tried to start me over completely and i was too broke and impatient to continue another four years when i was almost done.

I found a lot of comfort in my writing and it has always helped me through hard times as at the same time of all of this i was living with my older brother, dad, aunt, uncle, 2 baby cousins, and my grandma who was dying from Ovarian Cancer. She did not make it unfortunately(love you grandma and miss you) but i fell into jobs and writing for many years and this is where moviepilot came into the equation.

I have had an amazing last year and a half after having gone through the roughest time of my life. Im now engaged to the woman i love, working two jobs(which arent great but are very necessary), and i am writing articles that are being viewed by people who love and care about the same thing i do just as much as i do. I have wondered why certain articles dont get more views but i have realized recently that this does not matter because thanks to moviepilot i have a voice that is being heard on an international level even if its not millions of people.

Now To The Main Point....

Moviepilot has sent me a care package and countless feedback emails which i love getting. This article may not be about movies but i just wanted to say something that i believe every creator has said or should say.....


Everyone Check out my articles if you would like :) and happy holidays to all my fellow amazing creators

Reviewer Beau


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