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Talking a look into this film i remember watching this when it came out in the theaters it took a while to get started with the action.

The Muto's are pretty cool but i feel like they could had made a scarier and stronger monster for Godzilla to fight.

The plot of this movie is really good to i do like that about the movie.

The actors in this film are also pretty good the main reason worth watching this movie is for having Bryan Cranston in it.

He is good in almost everything he plays in i just didn't like how they killed him off to soon in the film.

I do like Godzilla's design in the film i know a lot of people didn't like the way he look because some people said he looked way to fat.

I don't like how his head looks it's just to small.

The only problem i have have with this film is that you don't get to see much of Godzilla in the film.

Why call it Godzilla when it only has like 6 minutes of him in the whole film.

This film is okay after re-watching it i would give it a 10/10 for good action.

Onto the Blu-Ray review i think the film looks fine to me noting looks wrong with it.

It does look HD to me which is good.

I would say if your trying to pick this up pick up the version i have shown.

You be able to find it much cheaper now since its the Holidays.

Merry Christmas !


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