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My Goodness. What can be said about this incredible TV Show except for 'thank the good Lord CBS granted the show a full season'. This means the show will have at least 10 more episodes. If you like brain TV Shows, shows that aren't afraid to be smarter than you, but keep you on the same page, a show that will make you think and a show that will completely melt your brain, you need to watch this show.

The show is based on the life of Walter O'Brien, born February 24, 1975, born in Ireland and real bad ass. However the TV version is a younger 30s, likeable guy.

The show's Walter O'Brien claims he has an IQ of 190, and the characters show it. He created a group called Scorpion, a the bunch of them are cyclones.

The show is absolutely amazing. The way the team problem solves is almost reminiscent of the show Numb3rs. Using math, physics, computer science and anything brainy, the team can crack and solve any case.

There is Happy, Sylvester, Toby and Walter. Then there is Paige. Paige isthe glue of the team. Paige helps the team navigate the minute details of humanity because according the TV Show, people with very high IQs are unable to understand human emotion, and everything is face value. Toby is a psychiatrist, Happy is the mechanical wizard and Sylvester is the computer.

The show is very grounded in real life situations, and has a lot of curve balls thrown at the audience. Nothing is as it seems in Scorpion, and that's what is so delightful. The show progresses and as an episode goes, it reveals very little of the working behind the scenes, and this makes the show less predictable, which is an Achilles heel for TV shows. When the audience is ahead of the show and knows what is going to happen, the show won't last long.

According to CBS:

SCORPION is the season's #2 new series and Monday's most-watched drama averaging 15.17 million viewers...

That is absolutely staggering.

I will admit, I wasn't completely on board with this show. I had a lot of expectations for a show where the opening line is :

"My name is Walter O'Brien, and I have an IQ of 190, Einstein had an IQ of 160"

That is some pretty cocky words. So I was impressed by what they did with the show. They make each character relate-able and you really feel for them when something happens to them.

The show has a lot of humor. A lot of well placed humor. Each character has their own sense of humor and it's amazing how the character interact with non-geniuses or normal people.

Overall, this show is a hit, a massive hit to the frontal lobe. I love this show, and I am so happy it has a full season coming, I look forward to what CBS does with the show and hope it doesn't stop. Ever. Someone definitely used their brain with developing this show.

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