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Has the creative side of Hollywood diminished and degraded to the point of reboots, adaptations, reinterpretations and remakes? Is there a studio that can create a genuinely new creative thought?

Some recent movies that have been released were very original and very creative and well received. Sharknado was a creative endeavor and it has since release, garnered a cult following. However, it seems that movies are losing that magic touch of transporting people to a new world with new problems.

Technology has advanced quickly over the last 60 years, and in turn, creativity and the way the world functions has become well represented. This means, that the way we live and the experiences we have are already represented in some form in movies.

A graph from Short of the Week's article titled: "Has Hollywood Lost Its Way?" from January 2012, shows the sequels and original films released in 1981 and then in 2011. The graph is devastating to the creative mind.

Where has the creativity gone? In 1981, only 3 movies were either adapted or sequels, and in 2011, every box office hit was either an adaptation or sequel.

So the question is, how can this be remedied?

An analogy of what can be seen here is the way of Major League Baseball, the studio with the money can buy what they want, if they know it will work, they will go with it. They will spend the money on movie titles that will gain them the most money. It's a business, they want to make money.


Movies have become less of for the sake of entertaining and more to make money. During the Great Depression, movies became a place to go to to escape the harsh realities that the people felt. It was a way for people to go to another land, another world and not focus on the stark realities of the Depression.

Movies need to return to that genre, a genre of entertainment, creativity will follow. Short films are a great place to start, I love short films. Some of my favorite short films like PLAYBACK and Brett Sims' Grave Shivers.

I'm not saying that all movies that are adaptations, remakes or reboots don't entertain, I'm saying that creativity has lost its function in movie making. Movies need to be original, but movie studios won't back these kinds of movies so easily. Even Christopher Nolan has difficulty pitching Inception. I would like to see new, original movies that are off the beaten path, but I guess they are to be found in Short Films for now, that is until Hollywood's creativity is really gone and we're left with Jurassic Park 7 and the Terminator 34.

Now think...

How many movies coming out in the next year or two will be ORIGINAL movies?

Tell me in the comments some original movies you've seen lately.

I'm interested.


Has Hollywood lost it's creative touch?


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