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Gerhard Rempel

so a lot of people are just now realizing spider-man is eventually going to join the MCU. and with the Sony hackers revealing that a deal between Marvel and Sony has been going on for months now (i saw that happening) its becoming more and more true.


i for one am so excited and ready for this to happen its not even funny. but with the worlds favorite web-slinger making his big move from Sony to Marvel, reports are coming out that Marvel doesnt want Andrew Garfield attached when the get the rights back and eventually put him in CA3: Civil War and in A3/4: Infinity Wars. so lots of rumors have been circulating through out the internet. fan castings that i have seen have thrown some good Peter Parker mask wearing names out there that i could 100% get behind.

but Marvel has also stated that they do not want another origin story. its been done twice now. and im not complaining, i loved the first 2 spider-man movies, the third not so much. and the amazing spider-man movies were great too. but i kind of agree. we dont need another origins story. we have been there. and done that. same with the FF movie coming out next year. we know the beginning. GIVE US A GOOD STORY WE CAN GET BEHIND.

which is why this writer is putting it out there.


now i know what your thinking, it doesnt fir the story line, right?


its in an alternate universe. a different marvel universe then Peter Parkers. and it makes sense. Sony had Peter Parker. thats cool. thy did 5 movie stories with them and did the best they could. but now marvel has an oppertunity to not only shed light on a different story of everyones friendly neighborhood web-head, but also expand the universe and do what they have been doing with the comics and what the eventually want to do with the movies. DIVERSITY.

for those who are not aware, Miles Morales is a young black teen who lives in New York City. who, when Peter Parker died in a fight against Osborne, was present at the after math. shortly before that he was bit by a genetically mutated spider granting him the same spidey powers Parker had, with some extras including camouflage, a stun blast, and a form of super agility.

what are your thoughts on our web head coming home to the MCU and hopefully making his day-bue in civil war?


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