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Have you ever thought of why we love to go and see a war film? Why we love to suffer in the theatre watching sad events from war?

Angelina Jolie’s [Unbroken](movie:791899) is a perfect example of why we love to go and see this kind of films. Here are some of the things we love about war heroes' movies and why we love them:


Typically war movies aren’t about the event itself but about an exceptional human being with a great inner and outer strength that helps them overcome any kind of situation. We see real heroes facing all kind of adversities.

In Unbroken we are 100% focused on the life events of Olympian and war hero Louis "Louie" Zamperini (Jack O'Connell) who survived 47 days on a raft just to be caught by the Japanese Army to be held prisoner.


Throughout the centuries humanity was always facing some kind of danger, a bigger predator, an enemy in war, a mortal disease, a natural disaster, etc. This feeling of living on the edge became part of our DNA, nowadays we managed to reduce that possibility of real danger, we build buildings, created medicines, etc. But we still in need to feel that danger. We want to put ourselves on the edge in a comfortable way, that’s a reason why we go to the movies, that’s why we love war heroes.

We go to the movies to forget for 2 hours and a half that we are safe, we want to feel and see through the eyes of that exceptional hero, we want to be them.

I think Angelina Jolie provides us all the necessary elements to become Louis Zamperni for 2 hours and 17 minutes. In the film we see flashbacks of the war hero’s childhood and teenage years that helps us to create an empathetic relationship with him. We see his family, his troubled days and the process he had to go through to become an Olympic athlete. On the other side we see all the problems he had to face in war and how he managed to survived.

Angelina Jolie's third feature film came out this Christmas and is a greatly inspirational film that will be sure to feed your need to feel danger while we are safe.

Make sure to check out Unbroken in theaters now!


Do you like to see a war hero surviving?


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