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No one has confirmed to denied that the Deadpool movie will be PG-13, and a lot of fans would be mad if the movie was tied down to a PG-13. This movie needs at least an R rating. But I think an NC-17 rating would just be fitting for a Deadpool movie. Or even perhaps an NC-17 DVD release. So much violence, so much sex, so much foul language, it would be utter bliss.

He's not called the Merc with a Mouth for nothing, and he don't want no PG-13 rating either. That would really cramp his style.

After watching the test footage that was released of [Deadpool](movie:38663) jumping into a movie van, killing everyone and then decapitating the motorcyclist after showing him a picture of Deadpool holding a decapitated head, I couldn't be happier.

The R rating would lend itself well to Deadpool's hi-jinx and allow the fan what they want, a violent and foul movie.

This fourth wall-breaking guy has a lot of people to offend.

Deadpool. The name just oozes with potential. This movie needs to be NC-17. What does that mean? It means that basically the entire movie is unwatchable to anyone under 17 and could even offend adults.

Think about the potential of an NC-17. The movie makers could do ANYTHING they wanted, more violence, more language, more everything!


What should the Deadpool Movie be rated? DEADPOOL: "Choose wisely"


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