ByLynne Abrahams, writer at

This game, jeez. Imagine being scared shitless at the ripe old age of 21 because of a video game. This is what this game did to me and believe me I'm no chicken.

You play as a toddler and the game opens on your birthday, your mom's there feeding you cake ( which seems pretty good) then the bell rings, your vision goes fuzzy and you hear loud voices and this is where the game starts to get weird.

Created by Krillbit Studios it's just simply ingenious. Yes the graphics get a bit sluggish here and there but putting up with that is so worth this game. The smallest things will end up driving you crazy and believe me once you start finding all the pieces of this amazingly plotted puzzle the pay off will make it all worth while.

This game is a must play for anyone who wants to try out a horror genre pc game, it does creepy in all the right ways.


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