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So, I've done a lot of writing about DC's upcoming film-slate of ten movies, some of them may or may not be a little out dated already based on some information that's been released between then and now, but if you haven't checked them out, I'd encourage you to do so in the links below:

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I've written more than just those articles too. I've written about what ten DC characters I'd like to see make it to the big screen and also ideas of how to make a Ben Affleck solo Batman film.

If you notice, there's a problem here: I've not really written a whole lot about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yeah, sure, I've connected it to the Suicide Squad movie, but that article was more focused on the Suicide Squad movie itself for the most part.

What I haven't done yet, was put a whole lot of thought down on paper about how I suspect certain events in Batman vs Superman may go down.

Too funny
Too funny

So what I'm going to do is go through this article using a mixture of rumors and facts to maybe see if I can come up with a plausible guess at what, may in fact, occur in 2016's biggest superhero movie.

Superman's Status in the Film

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

But that doesn't mean there aren't rumors coming out of every crack and corner of the internet.

But some of the most recent rumors I'v heard of lately have been about Superman's standing with the public eye. I know I spoke about how many in the public will view Superman as a threat and an ever-present danger, however, that was before I heard that the movie is to take place a couple of years after the events of Man of Steel.

Superman is trying to do right by America, he's a patriot, always has been. With that being said, he's proven himself to several people in the right position to vouch for his integrity and actions. Even characters like General Swanwick, whose opinion of Superman in Man of Steel wasn't very high, has now begun to view Superman as an American ally.

The evidence of this (so the rumor goes) is that when Superman is battling an enemy [Doomsday] General Swanwick makes the comment:

Superman will move the battle away from populated areas because he's a hero, and that's what heroes do."

Whether this comes to pass or not, it's interesting enough to point out that Superman has some high-standing credibility with the right people.

One of those people of course being:

Lois Lane Finds Her Biggest Story?

Amy Adams and Henrey Cavill in Man of Steel
Amy Adams and Henrey Cavill in Man of Steel

Now, this morning, I read on the International Business Times that Lois Lane, will in fact put her investigative reporter skills to work and piece together the identity of Batman, who is of course Bruce Wayne. These assumptions are picked out of a quote from Amy Adams herself while doing an interview with Collider.

Take a look.

"Lois is still sort of like the key to the information, you know? She's the girl going out and getting it and figuring it out and putting it together and all of that, so she's very much involved," Amy Adams told Collider.

CinemaBlend decided to run with this quote and attempt to decypher just how 'key' Lois Lane really is to the film:

"She figures it out herself as opposed to discovering it accidentally. Adams already mentioned that Lois will be the 'key to the information' in the film, so maybe during the course of one of her investigations, she realises that Batman showed up in Metropolis at the same time that billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne did, and puts the pieces together."

I imagine it would take her a lot of work to figure such a secret though, it shouldn't be made to appear as easy as it was for her to find out who Superman's real identity was.

But if this is the case, there's no reason to ask why she would seek to find this information. She's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and I'm sure the uncovering of masked vigilante who's existence remained unknown for a very, very long time, would be a scoop worthy of an award in and of itself.

But the real question is what would she do with this information? We seen how she handled the unraveling of Superman's identity, she held back to protect him because of her sympathy for Clark Kent his history. But as we know, she's also romantically involved with Clark Kent, she'll have no such relationship with Bruce Wayne.

My thoughts are divided in two ways regarding this assumption that she knows Bruce Wayne is Batman.

She gives this information to Superman

This gif seems kind of creepy actually
This gif seems kind of creepy actually

If this is the case, I'd assume it's so that no further fighting can continue (depending on where we are at in the film and when these developments take place). But Lois cares for Superman and if she feels that Superman is in danger by fighting Batman, maybe she can provide leverage in Superman's benefit to hold over Batman's head.

Either that, or she's worried that further fighting of this kind will lead to another tragedy similar to Superman's fight with General Zod which resulted in the unwanted decision of having to kill Zod and the grief that followed.

*sniffs* the feels
*sniffs* the feels

Lois Lane witnessed this take place and although she couldn't understand the burden that had to come with killing the last of your kind to save an entire species, she could understand that Superman is not comfortable with killing.

Perhaps she tells Superman all of this information, hoping that Superman will not be face with such a terrible decision to further spot his conscience.

She's forced to obtain the information for Lex Luthor

That just looks like a bad guy's pose
That just looks like a bad guy's pose

I think he will be an accomplished man like Bruce Wayne, only much younger.

But as I've said before, in another article: Lex Luthor is all about being the best at everything. His ego is so amped up that he views Superman as a slight on his superiority or a challenge to become more superior than he already is as a human being. So I'm sure he'll be investigating the meta-human activity, as was rumored, by watching people like Wonder Woman, and studying people like Superman, but perhaps, one person that will catch his eye is Batman.

Perhaps Lex is scared of Batman
Perhaps Lex is scared of Batman

When you aren't familiar with the Bat and you hear a bunch of embellished stories of who or what he is and what he can do, you may at first believe such rumors. Esepcially if there are two aliens from another planet, battling it out DBZ-style over Metropolis.

So maybe, Lex, who is really getting into the public eye in positive way, somehow manipulates Lois into finding out who Batman is. Perhaps, Lois won't even like Lex, maybe Lex runs the whole anti-Superman campaign which causes Lois to become wary of him. But even if that's the case, Lex could buy out the Daily Planet and thus force Perry to force Lois to finding out the true identity of Batman.

Maybe she figures it out in this situation and tells him, or maybe she doesn't tell him. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised. Lois, if she believed Lex to be the jerk he really is, may not want to do anything on his behalf. But then again, in recent comic book developments, Lex Luthor did discover who the man under the cowl is. Either way, it'd would be pretty significant if Lois did, in fact, discover Batman's true identity.

Lex Luthor discovers Batman's identity
Lex Luthor discovers Batman's identity

Batman's Ruse?

I'm ready for a new pic of Batman now.
I'm ready for a new pic of Batman now.

Batman or Bruce Wayne, which ever you prefer, is not so easily found out or discovered. I imagine that even if Batman's identity is discovered by Lois Lane, that he will not let that go inconsequentially for her. Batman could do any of the following to keep her from releasing said information:

  • Intimidate her

Unlikely since that would just further Lois' suspicions about Bruce Wayne being Batman and also because Lois Lane isn't the type of woman to be easily intimidated.

  • Arrange a charade

This would be the most likely option. Maybe while attending a huge event where Lois Lane and Lex Luthor are present, there could be some "sighting" of Batman across the city that hits the news fast and spreads throughout the party.

This would dissuade any suspicions anyone had about Bruce Wayne being Batman. If not, it would at least lead any and all suspicious party to a seemingly dead-end in their investigation.


If it is true, it'll be interesting to see in what context it was all done.

Plus, I think that I'd like to see a little bit more of Lois Lane in the next movie, have her do more of what she does best by being an investigative reporter, really get deep down into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to take on these jobs that are ultimately a danger to her life. Plus, I'd like to see Adams get the chance to act more than she did in Man of Steel.

What are your guys' thoughts on the whole thing? Do you think Lois will play a signifcant role to the film's story? Do you think she'll discover Batman's identity? Or this whole thing getting blow out of proportion? Sound off below in the comments.


Will Lois Lane discover Batman's identity?


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