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Now hear me out. This is my first article here on the site, but I had to get this theory out there. The biggest complaint people have so far amongst the many complaints about the DC Cinematic is Superman...killed. Although alot of people did like Man Of Steel (myself included), even some people that liked it did not like that he killed Zod. Superman has a code he must honor which is why people felt it was so out of character that he did what he had to do to save the Earth.

Now if you think all the way back to the beginning, and I do mean THE beginning, to the golden age. That was the first time Superheroes were introduced the way they were. While Superman generally did not kill anyone that much, it wasn't apart of a code necessarily. It was just simply the beginning of an era. It wasn't that mapped out that a Superhero's morality and ambiguity were high maintenance for writers.

So, you have Man Of Steel, the first film in a franchise that also wasn't very much mapped out until recently. Man Of Steel pays homage to the way writers wrote Golden Age characters. Superman was more of a product of the time. They were thinking of different things about what Superman represents. Most of which was marketing. While that is very much true today, he's not only a marketable Superhero, but has transitioned his eventual metamorphosis as a person that brings out the best (or even worst) in people. He is a symbol for hope, not just the "S" on his chest.

What I mean by homage is I believe the writers were trying to think of how the first Superhero writers would first write Superman today. Superman in the film was very flawed, he wasn't very good at socializing because he was such an outcast and how his father didn't want him using his powers. Just like in the DC Universe, Superman is also the first superhero. At least the first known public one. When Batman is introduced in Batman v Superman, there's speculation that he's just a myth. Maybe that was true when The Man Of Steel showed up in the golden age.

Now if you recall, The Golden age became Earth-2 after DC Comics introduced new characters for the then modern audiences. Reimagining The Flash, Green Lantern, etc. So they introduced a new Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman to combat the fact that There were members of both JLA & JSA.

So that brings up this argument. Doesn't Wonder Woman's costume look similar to the Golden age Wonder Woman?


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