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On the 26th March 2015 will be the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who's return after a long hiatus in 1989 from the television screens. The Doctor returned in a brand new form portrayed by Christopher Eccleston this time and joined by his new companion Rose Tyler. Billie Piper whose singing carer ended in 2003 and turned to acting a year later would join the brand new Doctor on his first run of adventures. Joining the crew near the end of the run was musicaly trained Glaswegian/American actor John Barrowan as the openly sexual Captain Jack Harkness. As part of bringing Doctor Who into the modern era, Russell T Davies wrote in Noel Clarke to portray Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler's boyfriend and Camille Coduri as Rose's Mum, Jackie Tyler. The first series didn't feature much references of the shows past besides the homage to Robot in Eccleston's first scene mirroring Tom Baker's first story, a Cyberman head in the same story as The Daleks returned. Of course The Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver and Gallifrey plus the mention of the time lords. In the same year, we found out what happened to The Doctor after his long break away from our screens. He was battling a terrible war between his people and The Daleks. The Last Great Time War which had him believe he destroyed his planet, If you have not seen The Day of The Doctor. I won't post any spoilery details about it but you do find out more about it . For the writers of series one, they would include Russell T Davies (the new show runner at the time), Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman (of Big Finish fame), Paul Cornell (Virgin Books and Big Finish) and Steven Moffat (future show runner and regular writer for Doctor Who prior his time of taking over). The show would become a popular success but alas Chris's time was coming to a close. Near the end of Series 1, Christopher Eccleston would be bowing out from the show and a new man would come in and take over. It was a question of the who and the how and the why. In his final moments of The Doctor, he would thrust his arms back and glow. His whole body changed and he turned into a younger man in the guise of David Tennant. Now at the end of 2014, Peter Capaldi has completed his first run of The Doctor and the Christmas special and now its time to look to next years festivities.

Issue Number 1, Cover by Alice X. Zhang
Issue Number 1, Cover by Alice X. Zhang

Beginning with Titan Comics five part mini-series with The Ninth Doctor Rose and Jack on the hunt on the black market for stolen time lord technology written by Cavan Scott of Big Finish with Blair Shedd's assistance, it looks like we are heading into a fantastic year. Besides Series 9 to look forward to, who knows what could happen in terms of celebrations. We could get a returning character or a special or exclusive merchandise or even possibly audios to celebrate it. What ever happens next year it should be a cracking year for us whovians.

The Doctor and Clara will return in The Magician's Apprentice in 2015.


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