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Marvel's announcement of an Inhumans movie left some people scratching their heads. I just want to say to those people reading this article, "I got you covered." The Inhumans are a super powered race of warrior-servants out of early humans created by The Kree, (the same species as [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)'s Ronan The Accuser).

The Inhumans settled on a North Atlantic island named Attilan where they developed technology and culture at a astounding rate, living hidden from the rest of the world. The Inhumans kept to themselves until the 20th Century, when threats to the world required them to join forces with The Fantastic Four, [The Avengers](movie:9040), and X-Men. However, when the public took notice of them, they maintained their distance. Years later, Blackbolt, Inhuman king moved Attilan to a blue-mooned area. There Ronan imprisoned them, using the army of Shi'ar. Blackbolt won their freedom by defeating Ronan in a single combat.

Before a secret invasion, The Skrulls kidnapped and replaced Blackbolt. Once the original was restored, Blackbolt dislodged Attilan from the moon, turning it into a starship, in which he led the Inhumans to Space. While the Skrulls attacked earth, Blackbolt assembled the Inhumans alongside the Kree. The Inhumans ans the Kree won, but Blackbolt lost Shi'ar's emperor Vulcan. Blackbolt then established 5 tribal groups of Inhumans around the galaxy, by taking a wife from each one. Thanos then attacked Attilan because he wanted Blackbolt to release his son, Thane. Blackbolt attacked Thanos destroying Attilan in the process.

There you have it! that should give you some background on a strange and infamous superhuman team known as [The Inhumans](movie:910490), also don't forget to catch the movie in theaters November 2, 2018!


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