ByMatt Rose, writer at

In the comic medium The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) have crossed the boundaries of time and space for cross overs you wouldn't expect. That's right The Doctor has had on two seperate occasions ran into the crew of the voyager and now here we go again. Instead of being The Doctor this time we can expect that Colin Baker (Blake's 7, Doctor Who) will be having a new role in Star Trek. Which Star Trek you ask? why its none other then for the fourth episode of Star Trek Continues alongside anime voice actors Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn as Spock and Kirk. Chuck Huber taking over from Larry Nemeck as Lenoard H. Mccoy. Chris Doohan as Montgomery Scott, fun fact his father use to be in the same role as he was the original actor from the tv series. Kim Stinger as Nyota Uhura, Grant Imahara as Hikaru Sulu, Wyatt Lenhart as Pavel Chekov, Steve Dengler as William Drake and Michelle Specht as Elise McKennah. Colin Baker will film his scenes in January and the episode will air in the spring time.


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