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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced many stellar movies, and then it branched to television with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the soon to be Agent Carter. Now we know that Marvel is now branching to Netflix producing four 13 episode series which are known as Daredevil, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. After those four series, the heroes are coming together in the 8 episode mini-series known as The Defenders. Now, I know this is old news to most people, but the question that this article is really going to answer is who are the possible heroes that could fight alongside the included heroes in The Defenders?


I know that she is probably not appearing in The Daredevil, which basically kills all chances of her appearing in the The Defenders. Elektra is a character that is very close to Daredevil in the comics, which would mean she would most likely need to appear in The Daredevil if she ends up fighting alongside the Defenders. Who knows, she might even pop up in season two of The Daredevil, or even get her own series one day. All I know is that Elektra is a really neat character and I would love to see her appear somehow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Punisher

Frank Castle is famous for serving revenge to the thugs throughout his city, similar to Daredevil. It would be absolutely amazing if this iconic anti-hero appeared throughout the numerous Netflix series and eventually in The Defenders. I could easily imagine Daredevil chasing Frank Castle down the streets of Hell's Kitchen in an episode of The Daredevil to eventually team up with the Defenders.

White Tiger

White Tiger is an extremely cool character and has been associated with the Defenders, which is founded by Iron Fist and Luke Cage. She could easily appear in either one of the heroes series and eventually assist the Defenders. White Tiger is a minority which would appeal many viewers, and she is basically the most awesome character ever. I would love to see her appear somehow, possibly in the Iron Fist series since they both have mystical backgrounds. White Tiger's real name is Angela Del Toro. Angela gained her powers in K'un-lun, which is where Iron Fist received his training. She could easily appear as a friend of Iron Fist seamlessly.

She-Hulk (before she gained her powers)

Jennifer Walters is a well known New York lawyer, and the cousin of Bruce Banner, and could easily appear on the other side of Matt Murdock in the court. It would be very interesting to have her character established in the MCU.


Ok, I know this is a long shot, but there are talks of him appearing in the MCU, but wouldn't it be awesome to see Spider-Man join the crew of these street level heroes?! However, if Marvel was able to use Spider-Man, he most likely wouldn't appear on Netflix. He's too much of a major leading-role character, but it would be nice. It would also be amazing if they put some Easter Eggs and cameos about Spider-Man in there, at least.


Who do you want to see fight alongside the Defenders the most?


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