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First of all, yes. We have JJ Abrams. Yes we are going to see the original cast of the original trilogy. But lets not get stuck in the super glue that is hype without evidence. Here are things that this Star Wars film needs to not suck. Also keep in mind that with the prequels (as bad as they were...) they only took a dump on the past. If Star Wars Episode 7 sucks, it's taking a huge dump on the future.

1. Everything Needs To Fit

I don't want to have Luke and Han in this movie if it doesn't feel natural. Honestly I'd rather not have [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) at all after witnessing the turd that makes up the 3 prequels. It was a shame to the franchise. I don't want to see the Saga ruined anymore. Everything needs to feel flawless in the way the story fits into the development of each character. After all I'm not asking all that much, right? We have JJ Abrams...(Hype)

2. Memorable Dialog

The original trilogy had lines that anyone can audibly recognize. Think back to the prequels. Remember any good lines? Seriously, any? If you do post them in the comments section so people can hate on them. Star Wars Episode 7 need to have lines that we can recite for years to come. Action only lasts as long as your watching. The things you hear are what make movies great. What would JAWS be without the..dun..dun..dun..dun..dun..? What would Psycho be without the screeching violins? Sound in the form of music and dialog is what sticks in our brains forever. Don't miss the opportunity.

3. Realistic Visuals

I'm glad to hear that this film will be going back to the days of puppets and hands on effects. Shame on George Lucas for being lazy and using 99.9999 percent CGI in the prequels. The Original films felt gritty and real. Why? Because they were forced to rely on real sets and real effects. If something looks fake, I'm out of it emotionally and I'm out of the theater. Use CGI only when needed and keep everything as real as possible.

4. Make Light Sabers Meaningful

The thing about Light Sabers in 4,5 and 6 was that they didn't take them out unless they had to or it was a intense moment. This makes sense and it makes the duels more epic. Sure the choreography wasn't as fancy, but it was realistic. The combatants were actually taking swings at each other. Not just twirly twirl with their weapon like in the newer films. In 1,2 and 3 almost all of the swings and hits are aimed at the opponents Light Saber. It's more flashy and cool looking but very impractical. That said, the Light Saber battles might be the only good thing about the otherwise completely horrible prequels.

If you have any to add, let us know in the comments.

May The Force Be With You.


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