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There have been suspense thrillers that have come and gone, some are good, some are terrible especially by the ending but the extreme few that has you thinking and wondering what the hell is really going on here and then just when you have this big idea going, the plot totally changes up on you and your mind is just blown.

When Gone Girl really starts out, it's a bit uncanny and filled with little details that nobody really sees coming into fruition but at first you might actually believe that Ben Affleck may or may not have made this little plan and you see him barely distraught and acting like the good guy putting on a face for people. I literally thought this movie had a Scott Peterson complex that had a very similar story to what happened in Modesto, CA but once you begin seeing the even little hidden details, the plot just completely swoops a 180 degree turn.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. Normally I like a little action, some thrill seeking plot but Gone Girl blew me away. I always thought Ben Affleck was a pretty good actor and after all he's about to play Batman of all characters in the next couple years but he really shined in this film and jumped up a notch of being a terrific actor doing a role I never expected him to pull off.

However, Rosamund Pike just steals the movie period. I had no clue what was going to happen and unlike those lame ass spoilers people write nowadays i'm not going to do that you, to truly understand her role in this movie you need to find out for yourself and it will have your jaw drop. The supporting cast in this movie did a hell of a job and played their role to the core. Tyler Perry has done wonderfully as an actor/director/producer and this role is no different.

Make a note to see [Gone Girl](movie:833123) not just for the suspense and building twists you never see coming but to educate yourself in the realm of seeing a powerful story being told in a way that is unique and really well done which you don't see in many movies nowadays. Just the ability to fathom what is going to happen will strike at you like a movie rarely does and it will knock you back when things start to truly factor in. The reason why I didn't give this movie a complete 10/10 was because of the ending and how I just didn't see the reason for it to end like that, it wasn't disappointing just leaves you with a "Why?"


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