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You may have heard the news already that Exodus: Gods and Kings (starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton) has been reportedly banned in both Egypt and Morocco.

Their reason? The censorship board has deemed the film offensive for its historical inaccuracies. The glaring issue is that the movie depicts the Hebrews building the Pyramids, even though they were probably built at least a millennium before the Exodus story.

Still...anyone else think that this is a flimsy reason to ban a movie?

I do. Sort of. Maybe it's the bizarre case study that is The Interview that's throwing me off. Specifically, I'm connecting the unexpected success and virality that came out of the Seth Rogen/James Franco film being canceled this past month.

After all, you can't deny that more people are going to be watching The Interview than they would have sans-Sony Hack. Is it possible that Exodus, a movie that's looking more and more like a flop, is going for the same thing?

I don't have any concrete evidence at this point. Just suspicion. But what's making this theory seem likely to me is the timing of this ban. Exodus has been out for a few weeks now, but it's nowhere near to making its production budget. And it still has its marketing expenses to worry about.

So there's your motive.

But the film is still releasing overseas, and it has a chance of making its money back and then some over the next few weeks, despite heavy competition from other huge releases like The Hobbit, Into the Woods, and Night at the Museum. I don't think it's very likely, but it is definitely possible.

For now, I'm not making any real accusations. I just want to know if this sort of late, unexpected ban is typical for countries like Egypt and Morocco (apparently, the same thing happened to Noah earlier this year). If it's not, I have plenty more questions to ask.

Source: BBC


Do you think this ban is a ploy to make "Exodus" forbidden fruit?


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