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October 2014 hit us hard with a bunch of announcements about superhero movies. Captain Marvel, Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange among many others. They've also received the attention they are due. There is one superhero movie that was announced that hasn't really had much attention though. Positive attention anyways. This is the Fantastic Four reboot.

Firstly, to address the fact everyone's saying 'if they cancelled the comic, the movie will be bad'. This is not what that means. Comics can be cancelled different times. Sometimes it's permanent and sometimes it's not. What could be happening is they could be planning a reboot of the comics.

Another complaint that has been circling is that it is different. From the comics, and from the previous movies. To this, I present a simple photo.

Fantastic Four, 2005
Fantastic Four, 2005

Why are we against changing everything if this is the former movie the reboot has to compete with? Now I haven't watched it in a while, but I think the point could be made that the special effects could've been better. The plot, too. The former Fantastic Four films held next to no appeal for me. Partly because they made Ben Grimm's skin look like someone slathered clear nail polish in an attempt to strengthen his stone skin. The 'stone skin' or 'alligator skin' didn't exactly look like either, let's face it. Add to that the fact that Sue Storm's powers could have been portrayed better, and the fact that the plots generally seemed to revolve around Sue Storm's relationship with her boyfriend, and you kind of have a recipe for disaster. I repeat: why are we so against the reboot?

Cast of the reboot
Cast of the reboot

In the picture above, we have from left to right: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell.

Miles Teller has appeared in shows like The Spectacular Now and Divergent. He showed in The Spectacular Now that he can handle emotional roles. Divergent showed action was perfectly fine with him. He'd be playing Mister Fantastic.

Michael B. Jordan has so many action movies under his belt. Considering he'd be the Human Torch, who really loves the action and whose life revolves around being in the middle of the action, I think personally we have a winner.

Kate Mara has actually been in superhero movies before. She appeared in Iron Man 2 (as a soldier of some sort) and Zoom, a movie about kids who are brought to a secret facility to train to become a super team. In addition, she's shown great depth in all her roles, whether it be comedy, romance or action. Sue Storm is a favourite of mine, and I think Kate Mara has the potential to bring the character to life well.

Jamie Bell would be gracing the screen as Ben Grimm, The Thing. He has shown great depth in his action movie acting. Just like Michael B. Jordan, he has a lot of action movies under his belt. In addition, he also voiced Tintin in Adventures of Tintin. That means that the movie could take a whole other direction with Ben Grimm and make his body with computer software and Jamie Bell would likely just take it in stride.

The creators have said they've ditched the blue and white, and blue and black suit idea with the big fours stitched on. They've said they're going to go for a grittier look. If we look at how well Guardians of the Galaxy did with their grittier look, it might be a good idea to go the same way with Fantastic Four, especially since most of the humour lends itself well to the same kind of movie as Guardians of the Galaxy.

Everyone is heralding Captain Marvel as a female superhero. Sue Storm, part of the Fantastic Four, is female too. Better yet, she saves her team-mates on more than one occasion and is truly a good rolemodel in my opinion.

I say that we give Fantastic Four a fair shake before we dismiss it as being garbage. It could turn out to be a movie that ushers in a whole new age of superhero movies. We'll have to wait and see until August 2015.


What do you think about the reboot of Fantastic Four?


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