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Another bit of Shazam news in the past day has surface this time from an unexpected candidate. Shazam, as you know, which will release in 2019, has cast Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, but everything else remains a mystery, including the director. But one director who has recently become a fan favourite has expressed his interest in making [Shazam](movie:738107). Who? You'd be surprised:

You guessed it! The racoon has said he wants to direct Shazam.

Haha no it's James Gunn. Speaking on Twitter today, Gunn (of [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) fame, but you know that already) said if he wasn't prevented from making a film for DC, he would love to direct it.

I am precluded. Would have love to have done Shazam

But what would a James Gunn Shazam would have looked like? I imagine...

Billy Batson would be a central focus

James Gunn doesn't seem like someone who can make a quiet conventional movie. I think he'd focus on Billy Batson and how he doesn't fit in anywhere. His foster life would be a big part, hopefully, because as much as we all love Shazam, Billy brings a more relatable side to the movie and character.

A Great Showcase of Different Landscapes

One of the best things about Guardians Galaxy was James Gunn's use of special FX. The wondrous galaxies and far away shots of space and all its components definitely gave a magical feel to it all. Now imagine the same thing, but with lightning!

A Lighter Tone

This is no surprise, but we are promised a lighter tone for this movie, as we did with Guardians of the Galaxy. That's not bad, especially since so many movies have been gritty and headstrong. And we've seen that James Gunn is able to make lighter tone films.

So...what do you think?


Would you have wanted to see a James Gunn directed Shazam?


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