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Interstellar . 2014 . Christopher Nolan

Ok. So Interstellar is not a perfect movie. How many perfect movies can you name? But the first 2h are pure entertainment. It had been a while since I had sat in a movie theatre and really felt my heart pumping with anticipation.

The film has scenes I'm going to remember as wonderful viewing experiences. First and foremost the scene where Jessica Chastain's character leaves for the first time a message for her father on the day she turns her father's age when he left... That scene is absolutely HEARTBREAKING and Jessica Chastain is sublime.

The setting is great, the cast is amazing.... so why that ending? I mean, I understand the need for the "reencounter" between father and daughter. But for me, that "reencounter" is when she discovers it's her father that has been trying to communicate with her all along, that wonderfully shot "library" scene, which gives her the clue to save the world... Ok, great, so you have saved the world, congratulations, you were lucky enough to enter a black-hole and travel through time and make amends with your daughter... Did he really need to be found and saved in the black hole, during her daughter's life span, reunite with the grandma version of her and leave again to arrive (we are guessing that in the same life span) to Anne Hathaway waiting for him to re-start humanity... I mean... Really?

Wasn't it enough to make him save the world, have the daughter forgive him and know that Anne Hathaway has found a new home for humanity?

At some point, seeing the last 40min (after the moment he jumps into the blackhole), I felt the film was betraying a first intention and just aiming to become a crowd-pleaser. Yes, I do realize that the whole "library resolution" happens during these last 4' min, and I'm not specially a fan of this resolution, but I imagine it was a necessary evil... you need to give some kind of resolution!

Nevertheless... Even if the last 40 min combine "unnecessary evil" with "absolutely unnecessary", I do think the film deserves it's proper credit.

I absolutely recommend this movie. Try to just enter the film with the expectation to have some fun. And yes, the ending might disappoint you (it disappointed me too), but you will definitely enjoy the ride.


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