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Some time ago I published an article, where YOU guys were supposed to create ranking of Marvel movies that was released till now (Voting Article).

I am really grateful to this part of Moviepilot that take part in this undertaking.

It was pleasure to aggregate results and create final ranking.

I would love to start with some statistics and so called records within this voting.

There were 1658 votes, for 45 duels that gives nearly 37 votes for each duel.

Biggest won for single duel was Guardians of the Galaxy vs Thor: Dark World where Guardians won 40 to 3.

The most aligned duel was Thor: Dark World against Captain America: First Avenger that Thor won 16 to 13 with 2 persons that wasn't sure which one was better.

And overall observation that mostly newer film won against older one.

It was 9 duels for older films and 36 duels for newer. Also it is important that 6 of this older-duel-winners was one film and I will write about it later.

Now it's time to present the ranking.

Tenth place.

The Incredible Hulk

Sad Dr Banner
Sad Dr Banner

Unfortunately this one lost every duel and gains only 65 (in total was 1658) that gives him about 4%.

Ninth place.

Iron Man 2

Great film, but...
Great film, but...

This one wins only against Hulk and also get relatively small amount of votes.

It was 86 votes that gives him about 5%.

Eighth place.


He really is a god.
He really is a god.

This one also wasn't problematic. Wins with Iron Man 2 and Hulk, the same time lose with the rest. Received 103 votes that gives about 6%.

Seventh place.

Iron Man 3

Newer not so better?
Newer not so better?

This was nearly the last easy one to indicate position that it should land at.

Lost with rest and wins with those, which i showed before. Got 130 votes and it is nearly 8%.

With 6th and 5th positions was huge problem.

6th film won with 5th film in close duel, but get more votes (not many more).

Sixth place.

Captain America: First Avenger

Not First...
Not First...

Besides this problem that i wrote few lines up. This one gets 8.7% with 144 votes and lost with 5th position.

Fifth position.

Thor: The Dark World

First half.
First half.

This one gets 139 votes (8.4%) and won with Captain.

Fourth position.

Iron Man

Where everything begins.
Where everything begins.

This one was as trouble-free as it is possible.

Won with 6 films behind and lose with the rest.

Got 188 - 11% of votes.

This is this film I wrote you at the beginning, the oldest one, but won with six of newer films.

Third position.


Avengers assemble!
Avengers assemble!

This one had similar situation as 6th one. It has more votes than 2nd (not many) but lost duel with it.

Got 265 votes - 16%.

Secondnd position.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Second film, second place.
Second film, second place.

Won with everyone besides first one. Got a little bit less votes than third one.

261 votes - 15.7%.

First position.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Latest and as it turns out the best one!
Latest and as it turns out the best one!

Won each duel, so there is no questions. Got 277 votes and gets 17%.

That guys was your choice, that's how our ranking looks.

I hope that it was fun for you, as it was for me.

If any of you had any question please contact me here or using my email:

[email protected]


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