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We all know who Constantine is right? You know the other DC TV show besides Gotham and Flash, based on the Hellblazer comic book series. Well just in case you haven’t seen it here’s a little back story.

All caught up? Well maybe not, unless you heard the panic that they were going to cancel the show. Bollocks! They merely didn't order what the networks call a back nine. Executive producer Daniel Cerone explained that it was merely a weird circumstance due to their late premiere and he was a bit peeved at the blogosphere for it’s ominous predictions of doom.

"[For] all these people with websites predicting cancellation, It's so easy: 'Oh, they didn't order the back nine' and all of a sudden, that show's off the airwaves. We started shooting our show in March for the traditional fall premiere, and then after we'd already been shooting, NBC decided to hold our premiere until October 24 to take advantage of the Halloween spirit. They've done this before with Grimm,… Normally we would have had three or four more episodes air before NBC got to the point where they made the call to stop production."

"Normally, they would have had four additional [episodes] to make the call but they didn't because of the push in our premiere date. That's huge. We showed that 38% jump after we'd already gotten the call that we're not getting a back nine. There's a lot of factors at play."

Sort of like the Millhouse Constantine uses for his homebase

Cerone has praised the way NBC has handled the series up to now. He strongly believes Constantine remains in contention for a second season. This of course will most likely come down to ratings over the remaining episodes.

Is that the best we can do?
Is that the best we can do?

One of the things NBC will be doing is moving the shows time from 10 PM to 8PM when it returns to NBC on January 16th. The network believes this is a better time slot for a show whose ratings have been on the upswing but still have never been quite where NBC wanted. Additionally, Constantine, has a strong fan base from its comic origins and has seen DVR viewings rising to +81%

I told you they liked it!
I told you they liked it!

Cerone believes NBC likes the show and has been very understanding of his and executive producer David S. Goyer’s need to be as true to the source material as possible. I believe they’ve done a fairly good job with the show, I definitely like it better than the movie that was made with Keanu Reeves but-

Cerone thinks that there is more we the fans can do, aside from tuning in. He says NBC is listening Cerone wants fans to continue to tweet @nbcconstantine, interact with the series' stars on Twitter, like the show's Facebook page, use the hashtag all over social media and all the other stuff that fans have already been doing. NBC is paying attention to all of the factors at play.

I know I’ll be tuning in. I want to see a second season with special guest star Swamp Thing. Besides I can’t believe what that Nun did to him! In case you didn't see it you can catch up on episodes at But here’s a little highlight of Anne Maries betrayal!


So will you give a tweet for The Hellblazers fate?


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