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Hello people from the internet webs! You probably got here because you are from the UHC sub-reddit. If not, then you must be very special. before I start my story, I need to say some information. If you have never heard of UHC or reddit UHC I will tell you now. UHC is A Minecraft gamemode where you can only heal with golden apples and health potions. Go here to play some UHC games! Make sure to read the rules! In this story that I am going to tell you about, I am going to talk about my my very first game, my first few friends, my hosting history, and what I do now in the UHC community.

1.5 years ago, I joined the community. I found the community from pauseunpause. Pause is a youtuber that I really enjoy. I had a minecraft account named "jdawgfoodable". I don't know how I got that name to be honest. But my very first UHC game was a To3. And I only remember 1 teammate, his name was "BreastControl". He was a very mature guy, might be in college. The last time I saw him ever was like 7 Months ago.

BreastControl was never really a friend of mine. Just some guy that I met in my very first game. But what I am going to tell you about right now is really not "friends" just the first people that I actually enjoy talking to 1.5 years ago. My first "fun" conversation I ever had with someone in the UHC community were ZarkyLP and D4mnX. I remember when Zarky was hosting and he invited me to his teamspeak channel. So I joined and D4 was also in there too. I actually remember that game too, I backstabbed Zarky. D4mnX rekt me in a fight. I spec'ed D4 and saw him get backstabbed. After he died, he raged so hard he said that he was leaving the community, never will host again and he is going to kill himself. He never killed himself, He did stop hosting for like a week, and he didn't leave the community. He did like 3 months later and then come back like 9 months later and left again. Zarky and I talked for about 3 weeks, stayed up for a lot of nights and just either played on ttaylor's pvp server or played a UHC game. He suddenly left me and found some new friends.

My very first best friend was mroll5. How did we met you say? Well, I played a bigcrack game hosted by ShutUpBrick. I also recorded it. But sadly I deleted all of my videos so it is no where to be found. But I had like 3 kills and mroll killed me. He msg me saying sorry and asked to skype. And I was like why not? So we got each others skype and went to teamspeak. We always talked and talked and talked. We are still close friends, but we havn't talked in a bit because he left the community and never is on skype.

Now for my hosting history. When I first met Awalk. We were good friends for a hecka long time. We barely talk now, but he was a good friend. But back to hosting. When I hosted my #1 and #2, I tried hosting on my homehosted server. Worst Idea ever. When I hosted my #3. I hosted it on Awalk's server. And yes, awalk was on the UBL. I hosted like my first 20 games on awalk's server. I then got my own server because awalk didn't pay again for the server. I bought a minecrafted 20 slot server. And I still have it today! I have had that server for a year now. But I use it for a SMP Server. I hosted 10 UHC games on my server. Took a break from hosting and I hosted on Jakekub's server. Hosted about 15 games on there. Was a good success. I then hosted on APPL_RULZ/cheesymonkey's server. Hosted 3 games on there and almost got myself UBL'ed. How? Look here: I was kinda mad... ha.. ha... And then Alacrity. There were open applications to host on Alacrity. I simply signed up and got accepted! And this is where I hosted majority of my games. It was probably the best server on the UHC Community over this past summer. I hosted about 60 games on that awesome server. Credit goes to Sitris for making Alacrity happen. Probably the best thing that has happened to me in the UHC Community. Suddenly Sitris kinda changed Alacrity and it turned into shit. Sitris left the community for about a week and gave the server to someone else. The server right now as I speak is basically shit. (sorry new mods on Alacrity) Whats funny is that I still have console access and still opped on that server. And don't ask, I am not going to take over the server. I am not that type of guy. And where I host now is on Sitris' dedicated server. It is being very successful.

Just saying this now so you don't get confused, Denis gave me his alt called "UnDefinite" in September. And I have used that account since. And I don't like both accounts. I don't like the names "jdawgfoodable" and "UnDefinite". But UnDefinite is better IMO. I am probably going to buy myself a new minecraft account. So I can be happy with it.

What do I do now in the UHC Community? I host on Sitris' Dedicated server. I am in several recorded rounds. I am in a group called "Diversity". Also in the group called "Hyperion". And that is basically it. There is probably a ton more stuff that I am missing. Sorry :O

Thank you guys for reading my UHC history. It has been awesome and I can't wait to see what comes in the future.

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