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I've been enjoying American Horror Story: Freak Show more than I enjoyed Coven. It hasn't been as well developed as Season 1 Murder House or Season 2 Asylum, until the latest episode, Episode 10: Orphans. This episode focused on a fan favorite, Pepper, and how she came to be a part of both the Freak Show and Briarcliff. If you are not familiar with this character, Season 2 or the current season, then do not read more of this post because you will be spoiled.

Naomi Grossman, who plays Pepper, better receive an Emmy nomination for this episode. She realistically depicts the mannerisms of a pin-head, making Pepper appear vulnerable and pure. It is beautiful. This episode was everything that I was waiting for this season, in terms of character development and emotion.

Sure, I have enjoyed watching Dandy do his workout routine and blood bath rituals. He does seem to be improving as a psychopath after he murdered his mother. I also enjoyed when good old Twisty the clown was around because he was scary and ended up having a seriously depressing background that made me understand why he did what he did. Except, I think the timing of Twisty's end should have been prolonged. The second part of the Halloween episode just was too soon to say goodbye.

"Orphans" also gave us a better insight into the character of Elsa Mars. I loved seeing how much she truly cares about her "monsters." The scene where she goes to the orphanage and finds the beauty in Pepper right away is so well done. I loved watching how much she loved her. She would do anything to make her happier, finding her both Ma Petite and Salty. That's why it's so heartbreaking to watch when Elsa leaves her with Pepper's awful sister and brother-in-law.

All of us who watched Asylum knew what was coming. I was nervous how about how much they were going to show during the baby bath incident. I'm happy Asylum came first though, because at least Pepper was able to tell what really happened at one point. If I had to wait and never find out if Pepper was able to clear her name with anyone, I think I'd be pretty upset.

What are your thoughts about this episode or [American Horror Story](series:206668): Freak Show? The next episode does not air until January 7th on FX.


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